Age Verification Service in UK – A Security System to Protect Minors

Covid-19 has hit its height throughout the entire world and has forced people to stay inside their houses. Being confined indoors without a set curriculum forces kids to spend the entire day using cutting-edge technology for enjoyment. Due to their frequent usage of smartphones and laptops, they have access to a variety of online platforms where they can shop, play games, do business, and more. This irresponsible use of sites increases the likelihood of online fraud. To secure operations, online businesses are implementing an age verification service in UK that allows digital platforms to highlight fake identities to prevent illegal use. 

Age Verification Service in UK

Age verification is a procedure to confirm a customer’s age from his ID documents in order to determine whether or not the individual adheres to the standards. Due to shortcomings in the traditional methods, companies opt for an advanced digital solution. A manual authentication is an outdated approach that costs a lot of money and is not required in this modern era. In order to detect abnormalities, online age verification in UK  is, therefore, the only method utilized. 

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To address the above problems, businesses all around the world are opting for advanced age verification services. Many online platforms implement checkboxes for “I am over 18” and passwords for the date of birth, which helps firms identify fake data. This KYC method makes it easy to distinguish between online gaming and the sale of alcohol because these businesses don’t accept users below the age of 18.

The Procedure to Verify Age in the United Kingdom

There are numerous steps in the age verification method. It is a safe and efficient technique that verifies the ages of all the end-users. The following procedures are followed for age verification in UK in order to determine an object’s age:

  • The user is required to provide information, including date of birth and show the government-issued records in front of the camera
  • Online age verification service in UK finds the relevant information on the documents and retrieves it using OCR services.
  • Following that, information such as the date of birth is verified and compared to the information that the clients have provided.
  • When a match is made age is checked, and the results are stored in the back office

Verifying Age in the UK  – Why is It the Need of Modern Businesses?

Companies are required to determine the ages of all of their clients especially those under the age of 18 since failure to do so could result in hundreds or thousands of dollars in fines. The main justification for this authentication is that not all digital sites and apps are appropriate for users of all ages. The following are some reasons why it is necessary to verify age online in the UK:

To Check Fake Entities

Minors shop online using their guardians’ identity documents. The market reputation of an online firm will suffer greatly if it does not care about customer verification. In addition to this, scammers exploit others using stolen identities for monetary benefits. Pensions for the elderly, their funds, and other benefits are among these. In order to avoid being quickly discovered, they employ these bogus names in a legal manner.

To Follow Regulatory Compliance

Financial organizations put the procedure of customer age verification into practice to show compliance with international regulatory frameworks. Various states have different laws and regulations; for instance,  age verification in United Kingdom and the UK on all computers imposes severe penalties for non-compliance. These age verification services aid companies in improving their market standing and worth.

Age Restricted Products 

When purchasing age-restricted products that are sold online by various websites, an age verification solution in UK is used to protect youngsters. These age-restricted products are the following:

  • Pharmaceutical Medicines
  • Online gaming
  • Cannabis and Tobacco
  • Digital games that aren’t for underage people
  • Alcohol
  • Gambling sites
  • Online websites for dating
  • E-commerce stores

Final Thoughts

In short, businesses need an age verification service in UK as well as in other countries to reduce fraudulent activities. Digital age verification services assist businesses in determining the customer’s age before offering them a product or service. They can easily avoid hefty financial fines by following global regulations. The combination of Artificial Neural Networks empowers the software to process huge amounts of data within a few seconds. It does not compromise the quality of the output. 

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