Unfortunate List Of The Top Ten Indian Players Who Had A Lot Of Potentials But Never Reached It 

Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, and MS Dhoni are all famous cricket players who came from the Indian subcontinent. A lot rode on the shoulders of a lot of these players for India’s cricket team to do well in the future. They got off to a good start in their careers, but then things went wrong based on old cricket match highlights:

1. Vinod Kambli –

Kamble and Sachin Tendulkar were both brilliant musicians and cricket players, therefore they became good friends. Kamble was a close buddy of Sachin Tendulkar. After getting off to an incredible start, he went on to have a few more games in which he scored over 200 points. The significance of his abilities to the development of Indian cricket was universally acknowledged by all parties. At the age of 23, he gave up playing test cricket due to the many fights he got into while he was on the field, and he didn’t play in One-Day Internationals for much longer after that either. Vinod Kambli: The Forgotten Hero is the satirical title of his biography, which is also titled after him.

2. Irfan Pathan –

He had his first game experience in a practice match, and on his very first shot, he managed to score three goals. He used Adam Gilchrist and Steve Waugh in the same manner to further his interests. It seems like India may have just discovered the next big thing in cricket. His initial swing and the level of consistency that he had shown in his earlier matches were no longer the same by the time the tournament was over. He was a starter for the team before Greg Chappell took over as head coach, but once Chappell took over, he was demoted to the bench. After that, there was no chance that he could ever play the same part on the team again in any capacity.

3. Rohan Gavaskar –

As the son of the renowned cricket player Sunil Gavaskar, Rohan Gavaskar had the burden of living up to his father’s legacy in the sport of cricket. The moment he took up the bat, he was judged against other players, which prevented him from advancing farther in the game. He had a strong showing in the first four games, but after that, his performance steadily declined. In addition to that, he worked hard to ensure that Bengal was victorious in the Ranji trophy match. He was put under so much pressure as a result of the fact that he is Sunil Gavaskar’s son that he was unable to maintain his pledge.

4. Stuart Binny –

Stuart Binny, son of Roger Binny, was the perfect all-rounder for India to use when they wanted to steady their middle order. He could bowl, bat, and field. Only when he set a record against Bangladesh did he show what he could do for India. He hasn’t done much else for the team, though.

5. Murali Vijay –

When he was at the top of his game, he was often thought to be the most reliable player in test cricket. He stood out from the other batters because he had style and grace. He kept the scoreboard going in the right direction when it was important for his team. But his record-setting run came to an end when he suddenly started to lose form and get bad comments about his personal life. This stopped him from setting new records for a while. On the test, he was not the first person to start. Instead, several other very good candidates were. Vijay’s career never got back on track after he hit a rough patch.

6. Yusuf Pathan –

In 2007, Yusuf did a great job on the cricket field, just like his cousin Irfan. When it was important, he could both score a lot and get important wickets. He got a spot on the team because of how hard he worked. Even so, he has kicked off the team because they weren’t reliable, but he went on to have some good games in the Indian Premier League.

7. Manoj Tiwary –

Because he has the highest level of talent as well as the most years of experience, Manoj Tiwary is now their top bowler. In the current season of the Indian Premier League, he has maintained his high level of performance. The issue with him is that he never follows through with a single strategy. Throughout his life, he was never able to live up to his full potential.

8. Dinesh Karthik –

Because he has all of the necessary talents, wicket-keeper batter Dinesh Karthik is considered to be the finest in the game. Around the same time, MS Dhoni, who would later become a legendary figure in Indian cricket, made his debut as well. Approximately at the same moment, he carried it out. Karthik did not achieve the same level of success that Dhoni did, but he may have done so if he had been given further opportunities to compete. It’s possible that he was a well-known figure in his day.

9. Unmukt Chand –

After Chand performed so well in the under-19 World Cup, the majority of people were under the impression that he would go on to play a significant role in Indian cricket in the years to come. The competition for Chand’s age group was won by them. The brilliant kid was not chosen for his nation’s senior squad even though he performed extremely well at the World Cup for players under the age of 19, which was held in his country.

10. Aakash Chopra –

Only a few other cricket players who have competed at the first-class level have scored more runs than Chopra’s combined total of 10,000. The fact that he was required to compete in international cricket matches led to a decline in his overall performance. If that unfortunate event hadn’t taken place, he may have followed in the footsteps of cricket greats such as Sachin Tendulkar or Virat Kohli.

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