Sleeping Bags: What makes them Camping Essential?

Your finest companion in camping, sleeping bags are a must-have in any camping gear. The warmth and comfort these sleeping bags offers are worth the money and time you’d spend buying good quality sleeping bags. And not just that, sleeping bags also protect against wind and moisture while keeping away insects.

Camping outdoors in the backcountry on diverse trails is always a rewarding experience. Apart from the scenic beauty, fresh air, and natural ambiance, camping involves intensive physical activities. Nature has a lot to offer, be it breathtaking views, wildlife, or the natural habitat that gives a wholesome experience. So, in order to take in all these experiences, it’s crucial that one take proper rest and sleep well.

Proper sleep is something that should not be compromised at any cost. In the wilderness where your shelter options are limited, you cannot expect to feel the coziness and comfort of your bed at home. Camping is nothing like going to a 5-star hotel and having a luxury time. Instead, it demands the packing and unpacking of essentials, cooking while ditching the conventional ways, and the challenges of surviving without urban luxuries. Tents replace the concrete structures and one has to dine in temporary gazebos in NZ.

Amidst all these, one thing that you can assure yourself is a comfortable sleep by carrying sleeping bags. A good-quality sleeping bag will allow you to have pleasant nights outdoors without worrying about getting cold or bitten by insects in the dark. Temperatures may fall drastically at night making it difficult for campers to adjust. However, with sleeping bags, you’ll have the proper gear to protect yourself.

Key features of sleeping bags

The market for camping essentials is huge and flooded with a wide range of products. Of these, sleeping bags are one of the most important camping items that provide a warm and comfortable place to sleep.

A perfect sleeping bag should have high-insulating properties and be lightweight to carry around easily. The following are some key features of sleeping bags that you must look for while buying one.

  • High insulation – Insulation properties of the sleeping bag play a vital role in determining their comfort level. The purpose of a sleeping bag is to keep the camper warm and dry in any location. Typically, synthetic and down are two insulation types used in manufacturing sleeping bags that stores heat efficiently. Regardless of the insulation type, the bag will continue to offer great comfort.
  • Lightweight – Sleeping bags can weigh anywhere between a few ounces to pounds. Generally, sleeping bags are extremely lightweight and ideal for all types of outdoor adventures including backpacking, backcountry hiking, etc. A perfect sleeping bag should be lightweight and range between three to four pounds.
  • Weatherproofing – Depending on the weather conditions on the campsite, one should pick the perfect sleeping bag. For example, campsites that are likely to experience rain or have cold weather will require a rainproof sleeping bag. On the other hand, a light sleeping bag is ideal for locations with warmer climates. The weatherproofing features of the sleeping bag for different locations vary accordingly.

Why sleeping bags are a must-have?

Just like investing in good-quality tents and gazebos in NZ are worth it, sleeping bags must find a permanent place in your camping gear list. No matter where you are traveling or for how many days, a sleeping bag will always be useful and offer a great deal of comfort.

So, if you are still wondering what makes sleeping bags camping essential, the following discussed are some reasons that will help you understand why a sleeping bag is worth your money.

  • Easy setup

There’s absolutely no effort required in setting up or unpacking a sleeping bag. All one has to do is take the sleeping bag out and lay it on the ground.

  • Comfort

It goes without saying that a sleeping bag offers great comfort outdoors. These sleeping bags give a cushioning surface where one can lie back and enjoy the ambiance of the campsite.

  • Portability

Most sleeping bags are highly portable and make it easier for people to carry them across multiple locations. One doesn’t have to worry about making extra space for sleeping bags in their existing gear.

  • Affordable

As compared to air mattresses, sleeping bags are available at much lower prices and can give the same level of comfort. Also, a good quality sleeping bag can last for years if maintained properly.

  • Waterproof

One of the key reasons to buy sleeping bags is their excellent water resistance properties. These not only act as an outdoor bed throughout your camping trip but also ensure protection in bad weather conditions.

  • Emergency shelter

As soon as one sets out on an outdoor adventure, weather and situations can get really unpredictable. In case one’s shelter is damaged or stolen in the woods, sleeping bags act as an emergency shelter that helps campers survive and make it through the night.