Smart Ways to Choose the Most Suitable Riding Bag for Style and Convenience

Choosing a suitable riding bag will mainly depend on the riding length, riding styles, weather conditions, etc. Whether you commute daily or for long rides, you have different bags to serve your purpose. Backpacks are essential riding gears enabling you to pack the items conveniently. You have several options to choose from in the market. This post entails all you need to consider when purchasing a riding backpack. 

Advantages Of a Riding Bag 

The backpack for riders is a convenient item. It is a must-have gear if you’re planning a long bike ride. Carrying the essential items becomes convenient when you pack them in a backpack. It is lightweight and waterproof. Thus, you can carry them on your back comfortably. 

Using the hook-on system, you may also attach them to the bike’s luggage carrier. This way, you don’t even need to take the hassle of carrying the bag on your back. This is one of the most appropriate vehicle accessories that enhances your riding. 

Moreover, it also adds to your style statement. This backpack offers better stability and enables you to ride safely. These bags come in various shapes and sizes that suit different occasions. Each one of them comes with unique characteristics. Read on to find the ideal bag to meet your requirements.

Tips To Purchase the Right Bags for Riding

When purchasing a riding backpack, there are several factors to bear in mind. From the purpose of use and durability to budget and packing capacity, each parameter is essential. Find a detailed guide below:

Purpose Of Use

Once you have made a decision to purchase a backpack, it’s time to focus on its usage purpose. You can choose between recreational, commuting convenience, or multifunctional use. Knowing the occasion, you’re purchasing it for will make it easier to make a purchase decision. 

  • For Daily Commute– Riding to and from your destination offers a lot of freedom, and you’re less likely to get stuck in traffic. So, choosing a flexible bag can be a wise decision to enhance your riding. You can pack your belongings conveniently and transport them with ease. 
  • Recreational Use– Whether you’re planning to go on a long or short ride, bags for riding will help you carry the essentials. You can carry them in various ways by attaching them on the bike, on your back, or across the body. These bags are easy to carry and are waterproof. 
  • Multifunctional Bags– This is the one for you if you’re looking for a multi-purpose bag. One can carry their essentials conveniently. Its eye-catching design also enhances one’s style statement. 


You must consider this factor when you’re looking for riding backpacks. A durable bag is long-lasting and can easily bear the weight of its contents. It does not wear and tear easily. A high-quality bag can handle all weather conditions and is great for long rides. 

Moreover, you would want to keep your luggage dry and dust free. Waterproof bags make it easier to ride with your belongings in the rain. A lightweight bag for riding is easy to carry and comes with several pockets for extra convenience. 

Security and Tidiness

You should look for bags that allow you to carry items safely. A lot of them come with a lock system for extra protection. If it does not come from the manufacturer, you can get one on your own. They are secure and theft-proof. 

Riding luggage bags compartmentalizes your belongings easily. Thus, it ensures to keep the motorbike and luggage are neat. It creates less mess and is much better than soft luggage bags. It is also spacious, and packing becomes easy with excellent storage space. 

Packing Capacity

This is one of the most crucial factors to consider when planning to get a riding backpack. How long are you going to ride? That’s a crucial question that you need to answer. If it’s for a short ride, you may want to consider a smaller bag that you may carry conveniently. A 30 L backpack should be enough for this purpose. 

You can buy a 40-65 L bag for a weekend trip. It should be enough to carry all your clothing and essential accessories. Nevertheless, you might consider having a 75-90 L big riding bag for a month-long trip. You can fit in your necessary items with ease. They are huge and spacious but carrying them should not be difficult.

Using the hook-on system, you can easily attach all these bags to the bike. There is no need for you to carry them on your back. For extra protection, you can use a locking system too.


As you see, a bag for riding is available in various shapes, sizes, quality, and, most importantly, budget. From affordable backpacks to the most expensive ones, getting anything you prefer is easy. Even the most affordable ones can assure excellent quality. Expensive ones are best for those who can afford them. But all you need is a bag that meets your requirement and is durable.

Hopefully, these buying parameters can help you purchase the ideal riding bag and make your journey more comfortable. In this regard, you can browse through the online store of CarOrbis. On their platform, you can easily find your vehicle’s best accessories and parts at an affordable price.

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