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What is Sms Bomber and how does it work?

Sms Bomber is a tool used to attack phone numbers. Using this tool, you can send non-stop SMS in a short interval of time. It is an apparatus to distract someone doing sensitive work, harass someone, or disrupt the functionality of a target device

Sms bomber tool can also work by doing successive OTP calls. It uses the name of a well-known brand and sends OTP calls within a short time interval. The target can easily become a victim of scams bombarding and get harassed. The sequence of messages can continue for many days. 

The attackers use the freeware and apk files for SMS bombing. These files are available online and easy to download for the frequent user. There are many popular SMS bombing apps like SMS bomber, BombItUp, and TXTBlast. 

How do they work?

According to cyber-attack experts, SMS bombers use API points of companies that send OTPs and text messages to their customers. They send it for log-in, password setting, re-setting, and transactions. The intruders disrupt their APIs by making POST requests with certain scripts that can ignite the automatic sending of messages and thus SMS bombing. 

Sms bomber tools are easy to use. You enter the number (target) in the app and write down the value (the number of times you want to send messages) and then click the submit button. 

According to legal experts, SMS bombing is a type of cyber harassment. The tools used in these attacks don’t possess any terms of service and privacy policy. The providers of such tools claim that they are just for fun, but they can harm anyone to a great extent. There is no way to monitor whether anyone who is the target of the SMS bombing is a member of family and friends or not. 

How to avoid SMS bombers:

You can register your complaints against SMS bombing, but you can also download a blocker and block SMS bombers. 

There is also another possibility to avoid an SMS bomber attack. Many websites that off SMS bomber tools also protect against it. They provide anti- SMS bombers which block the messages sent through SMS bombers. If you save your number in the protection list of an anti-SMS bomber, anybody cannot SMS bomb you through any website. 

Some anti-SMS bombers work by blocking the messages from specific senders if the same SMS comes many times (at least three times). 

Users can approach the cyber security teams of companies whose names SMS are received. They can detect the problem of API and resolve it. This will give long-term protection from attackers. 

Bottom line: 

Anyone can face an SMS bomber attack and it can harm to a great extent, but there are many working rules to avoid the attack. Despite getting harassed, it is better to contact an expert if the attacks become unavoidable.