5 Best Employee Monitoring Software For Remote Workers

Any company with global employees needs the best employee monitoring software. Take remote workers, for example: before they can perform their duties properly and without any issues, they need to be sure that they are being watched over by a monitor from their management and employers. Employee monitoring software helps out in this regard by knowing where your employees are and what they’re doing at any given time – even when working remotely.

Employee monitoring software seems to be the new trend in the workplace. Remote workers can no longer feel comfortable working from home, or offices and sometimes they need to stay connected with the work. This is where employee monitoring software comes in handy. With this, you can ensure that your remote employees are working on their assigned tasks and tasks that you’ve specified.

5 Best employee monitoring software that lets you know how well each one works at keeping track of your team members without getting in their way Killerwatt Plane OSRS.

1. DeskTrack

DeskTrack is the best employee monitoring software for remote workers. It can record all of your employees’ keystrokes, mouse clicks, and mouse movements as well as their typing speed and accuracy. You can control everything from the very minute details of an employee’s work to the overall impression that they make.

With DeskTrack, you can:

  • Monitor your remote employees’ activities
  • Get reports on their productivity
  • Track errors or problems with your remote employees
  • Get notified when they are working remotely

DeskTrack could be the right employee monitoring software for your business if you are sick of being charged so much money by other best employee monitoring software services. DeskTrack is a cheap and very effective remote user monitoring solution.

2. Hubstaff

Remote employees, freelancers, and contractors are a growing category of workers who demand time tracking software that’s affordable, easy to use and offers reliable features. Hubstaff is one of the leading remote employee monitoring software alternatives available for providing business owners with the tools needed to stay connected to their workforce.

Considering the greater cost-benefit of this remote employee monitoring software, the increased transparency and similar capabilities are absolutely worth it. The benefits (time tracking, payroll, team communication) can all be quantified with the real data collected by Hubstaff. Using time tracking software to increase employee productivity is no longer just a vague concept; there’s clearly an end result in using it that shows how much work will be completed. And you’re probably not surprised that your employees will enjoy the increase in “me” time

3. ActivTrak

If you run a business with a remote workforce, ActivTrak is the best Employee Monitoring Software you can use to monitor the work of your employees. It will help you keep them on task by setting up custom alerts that will let you know if they go idle or have stopped working. You can even track their screen activity and set specific tasks for each employee if necessary.

Your employees should have the freedom to be productive from home as long as they are getting the job done. Don’t let downtime put you at a competitive disadvantage. If you want to find out how your employees are doing on their work-from-home days, try ActivTrak software for yourself today, and see what all the fuss is about.

4. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a time tracking software for individuals and teams. It helps thousands of teams from all around the globe to get control over their time, be more productive and charge clients accurately by delivering them a transparent, detailed overview of each team member’s time input. In short, it is an Employee monitoring software for remote and in-house employees.

Time Doctor continues to impress me and I would gladly recommend it for every remote business. It has allowed us to increase our productivity and focus on the important things. We were able to eliminate distraction and procrastination even from our own team member’s computers!

4. Workpuls

Workpuls is the best employee monitoring software for employees who like to use remote desktop, messenger, and other apps with privacy concerns. With Workpuls, the boss can be able to monitor any remote desktop activities via a secure channel in real-time with no need to install any plugin on target computers. Workpuls can also be used to track all employee logins, send screenshots from where ever you need them in real-time, check computer idle time/activity, capture screenshots periodically, and take notes on employee activities.


The business world is a competitive one, and it is necessary to run a tight ship in order to stay on target. Keeping your remote employees accountable can be made easier with employee monitoring software. A wide array of different systems exists that allows you to view the computer screen of your remote employee as if you were standing behind them. With this capability, you can ensure that they are using time wisely and getting tasks done jilo virals.

If you are looking for the best solution that meets your needs and can provide better protection for your company information, you may want to consider one of the 5 solutions that we have reviewed above. The solutions have been rated according to the best Remote Work Monitoring Software, which means that when choosing one, you must be able to put into consideration the various features and benefits it can offer. Have in mind that the advantages of using such as solution are increased productivity as well as assurance that all your data, customer information, and work policies will be protected.