5 best proposal spots in Dubai for couples

We all know that engagements are very special occasions and everyone wants to leave a lasting impression on the lady love. It means sharing an intimate experience with your loved one it extravagantly with an audience. After you spent hours in searching the right way to the location of the proposal, the post is for you. We have gathered some of the sweetest proposal spots with some crafty ideas in Dubai in order to make it more special. Whether you love the architectural wonders, adventure parks, as well as the quaint parks, there are number of places. After all, expressing your love needs a wonderful place for proposal.

Dubai Miracle Garden

When the vibrant flowers bloom and flourish, it’ll ultimately make your confession for the love of your life. The natural and flamboyant beauty of Dubai Miracle Garden has its own charm. This elegant garden houses a plethora of imported as well as intrinsic flowers numbering up to 150 million in total.

Moreover, the artistic attraction in Dubai Miracle Garden makes it one of the fanciest places to propose. There’s also a lake park, heart tunnel, and umbrella tunnel covered with majestic flowers and more. It would be best to spend your evening by clicking surprising pictures with the flowers and rest in the floral cabanas as well.

Propose on a yacht

Getting proposed in the middle of the sea has its own charm. Nothing can beat the level of tropical sunset, dancing to the music, as well as smooth sway of yachts under the motion of ocean waves. Y Carefree laughter in the air with freshly cooked sea-food seems like a dream of every couple. Everything is possible with yacht charter Dubai to make the proposal remarkable.

Enjoy an evening that will never be forgotten by proposing your love on a yacht. A private yacht charter is unique and most romantic idea to experience Dubai’s iconic backdrops such as Burj Al Arab, Ain Dubai, Atlantis The Palm Dubai and many more. Having fun in the middle of the deep sea with the sound of the waves as a background music is something really special. However, if you’re planning for a special proposal? Book a yacht from an array of cruises with professional crews catering to your every need.

The Burj Khalifa Proposal

Are you looking for a spectacular evening for your proposal, there’s no more beautiful place than the observation deck at Burj Khalifa? The sunset views from this point are just breathtaking. There’s a certain romance attached to a rooftop making makes a lasting memory. Beat the appearing from behind a wall of glass on one knee. Just capture the moment while standing on top of the World with your better half. It seems like you’re celebrating your dreams that came true.

However, views from the world tallest building are breathtakingly beautiful. There’s also an option to kneel in front of the beautiful Burj Lake, Dubai’s amazing attraction. Burj Lake is a hidden secret away from the hustle and bustle formed by the perimeter waterfalls encircling the iconic Burj Khalifa.

Pierchic at Al Qasr

Overlooking the serenity and tranquility of the Arabian sea, the PierChic at Al Qasr must be added on your list. For a perfect romantic gateway, Pierchic venue offers the panoramic views to propose in Dubai. This romantic as well as historic restaurant serves an authentic Arabian vibe. There’s a wide array of dishes to order from. The classic ambiance and soothing live performance keep you engaged all day with endless fun. Perched on the deck, Pierchic venus is also voracious attraction is a one in all package to get exquisite panoramic views and quick services as well.

Proposal with a Drone Show

Before getting down on knee with rings, the romantic way to impress the partner is to make them feel like the center of attention.

Flying 100s of drones above you in a private location such as on the beach or in the desert as well as on love lake has its own beauty. 

Flying drones for a proposal is a romantic way to show love for someone. It brings a wow factor as allows you to make a spectacular impression. For a romantic proposal, a remarkable gift that you can give to someone is a surprise. Hence, if you are planning to propose but you are not sure how to plan, drone show is an ideal choice.