6 tips for buying a new car

The purchase of a new car, as for all forms of purchase of an automobile , often requires time for reflection to define the brand and the desired model, but also the maximum budget that the user wants to invest. Good news, with a good dose of patience, everything should happen in the best conditions.
Once the final decision has been made, acquiring a new car at the best price requires a few precautions. Between open days, planning a test drive, choosing the purchase period, placing dealers in competition, there are many steps before reaching the negotiation phase. The appearance of specialized websites, such as multi-brand destockers, can also be a good solution for buying a new car from from Farago Motors whose cost corresponds to the budget defined by the motorist. To assist you in this buying process, here are our 5 tips for buying a new car easily.

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1 — Search for commercial transactions
Beyond the possibility of carrying out a test drive of the new vehicle that the user wishes to buy, the open days and other commercial operations that take place in car dealerships offer great prospects.

Indeed, doing good business there is often possible provided you do not aim too high. When it comes to novelties, the room for maneuver will be reduced and any discounts will not exceed 5% if the model has just been marketed. However, some professionals play the game perfectly in order to sell as quickly as possible certain models in stock that are more difficult to sell (end of series, specific color, etc.). Generally, they are willing to give additional discounts to close a sale.

2 — Choose the right period
Many motorists are unaware of this, but certain periods are more conducive than others to buying a new car. During the end-of-year celebrations, for example, requests are rarer. This is also the case during the summer holidays and until the start of the school year when the concerns of individuals do not relate to the acquisition of a new car .

3 — Solicit several dealers
As with all purchases with a high cost, it is essential to play the competition. As a general rule, car negotiators do not hesitate to match the discounts offered by their competitors. Also, do not hesitate to be transparent to obtain an attractive purchase price.

4 — Know what to negotiate
Rather than only negotiating the purchase price, which will only result in a discount ranging from 10 to 15%; it may be interesting to try to obtain optional equipment at a lower cost (GPS system, premium car radio, etc.) or the addition of certain services (warranty extension, payment of formalities and the cost of registration, etc.) .

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5 — Check the destocking sites
When you choose to go through a destocker, the vehicle is not ordered on the internet, but purchased directly from the dealer. However, the price displayed on the website includes from the outset the discounts and trade-in offers that it intends to make. This can make it possible to obtain more interesting discounts, because they concern several vehicles, than those obtained by an individual.

Buying a new car also means accepting that its argus side will quickly lose value (15% approximately every year) and that it will therefore have to be kept over time. Indeed, once the doors of the concession passed, even to go for a simple tour of the neighborhood, the value of the car will already be lower.

6 — Use a new car shopping comparator
Simple and effective, a new car purchase comparator will quickly and easily inform you about the different options available to you: features, prices, models… This information will allow you to quickly choose the best solution for your profile and your needs.

Couple buying an automobile at a dealership

Go through a car agent
All buyers who wish to acquire a new vehicle at a lower cost can go through a car agent . Agents are sellers mandated by their customers to find the vehicle of their dreams at an affordable price, either by buying vehicles wholesale from French dealers, or by ordering vehicles abroad.

The Benefits of Automotive Agents
If more and more French motorists are using a car agent to acquire a new vehicle, it is above all to benefit from the many advantages of car agents . Indeed, these sellers are not limited to a single brand of vehicle, but can offer a buyer the vehicle adapted exactly to his needs, and with the equipment that suits him, all up to 40% cheaper than at a dealer.

Tips for young drivers
If you have just obtained your driver’s license, are just entering the workforce but still want to drive a new vehicle, then there are various options available for you to drive the vehicle. of your dreams. Even if it seems impossible, by knowing the right tips, even young drivers can acquire a new vehicle without breaking the bank.