Best Places to stay in Dubai

Best Places to stay in Dubai

Dubai, one of the most fantabulous cities in the United Arab Emirates, stands out as having some of the best development in the world. With fresh artificial islands and structures, it constantly alters its identity. It’s nothing short of a marvel to witness how an abandoned zone has sprung a plethora of massive blocks. The city has evolved into a focal point for embracing business while also catching the public’s attention as a haven for global adventurers.

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  1. Dubai Marina

The Dubai Marina is one of the city’s most popular rental neighbourhoods among locals! Dubai Marina is attractive with dazzling seas, the city’s best perspective points, the world’s tallest private pinnacle, different high rises, wandering property rental options, and the best cafés. You’ll find the pedestrian-friendly Marina Walk, dotted with cafes, shop roadways, the Dubai Marina Mall, which has 130 stores spread over four floors, and the Dubai Marina Yacht Club, which has a beautiful clubhouse and cafés. Checkout Dubai packages from Mumbai.

2. Downtown Dubai

If you are hoping to absorb the city’s shopping centres and pinnacles, Downtown Dubai is your best option. The Downtown region highlights luxury inns,  top eateries, the world’s biggest shopping centre, and the world’s tallest pinnacle. Downtown offers plenty of family-accommodating attractions like Dubai Fountain, Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, Dubai Ice Rink and City Walk. Additionally, the metro at Dubai Mall is extraordinary for fast drives.

3. Dubai Media City & TECOM

Media City and its neighbour, Internet City, are home to the majority of the city’s publications, journals, and TV stations, as well as some of the city’s top cafés and inns. The Barsha Heights neighbourhood is nearby, and it has a variety of short-term rental properties moderately equipped lofts. Media City is close to Dubai’s major attractions, including Downtown, Palm Jumeirah, and Dubai Marina. Furthermore, the Nakheel metro station is only a short walk away, which improves accessibility much more straightforwardly.

4. Al-Barsha

From one’s point of view, it isn’t exactly a fun place to visit. Vacationers don’t have much to do here besides wander around the Mall of the Emirates (the second most well-known shopping mall) and visit the Ski Resort.

However, many expats live here because it is close to the metro. It is near Marina and Downtown, and you can save a couple of hundred dollars on rent each month.

It also offers everything you could need, from a Carrefour to various stores and some fantastic local cafés, from Arabic to exceptional Indian and Pakistani cuisine, so Al-Barsha is the best place to stay during your vacation.

5. Bur Dubai

Bramble Dubai is the heart of Dubai’s Old City.

Bur Dubai is the real essence of the city, a spot holding for a long time. It is full of back alleyways, genuine marketplaces, and traditional engineering. 

If you’re still deciding and confused about where to stay in Dubai, based on price, Bur Dubai is also the most cost-effective in terms of convenience. It also boasts some of the best and most affordable Indian cafés in the city.

6. Deira

Deira seems like a continuation of the Old City (Bur Dubai), yet it is modern.

It contains the largest traditional souks, but it is also a commercial district, and it was the first business district in Dubai.

The area has a spirit in general, which means you’ll find regular roads with usual stores and walking areas, and it’s mostly by Indians, just like Bur Dubai.

7. The Palm

The Palm Jumeirah (also known as The Palm) is Dubai’s most spectacular tourist attraction.

It’s essentially a palm-shaped island connected to Dubai’s downtown district. It’s massive, stretching a few kilometres from the beginning to the edge of the island, where you’ll find the Atlantis Hotel, one of the city’s most opulent hotels and a replica of a comparable inn in The Bahamas.

8. Al Quoz

Al Quoz has evolved into Dubai’s specialised and social district throughout the years. A vibrant craftsmanship culture has emerged spontaneously, with rotating exhibitions and shows from local and international experts. By all accounts, specialists aren’t the only creative types who have moved in. There are also beautifully designed bistros and cafés, wellness workshops, and an old stockroom into a skate park in the area. In Al Quoz, there’s always something new to discover!

9. Outside Dubai 

With one of Dubai’s peaceful retreat inns, you can get away from the city’s bustle for a completely different experience. The Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa, located within the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, provides an unrivalled opportunity to see the more wild side of the Arabian Peninsula, with oryx, birds of prey, and camels – as well as day, passes for desert encounters and spa treatments, even if you aren’t staying there. Alternatively, for a combination of pampering and golf, travel to JA The Resort in Jebel Ali.

10. Bastakiya 

Bastakiya has most of the city’s documented buildings.

It’s an old-fashioned region, with some budget hotels and some that are posher, as well as luxury and boutique Arab-style guest houses that may provide some oriental flavour to your stay in the desert’s capital.

If you’re interested in history and the more traditional side of Dubai, Bastakiya is a place to stay if you’re looking for something other than high rises and bling.

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