Chiropractic Rehabilitation Center Services

The word rehabilitation is often associated with serious problems or injury. Indeed, most people hear of chiropractic rehabilitation after they have been through traumatic events such as an accident. But did you know that you could benefit from chiropractic rehabilitation for something as common as lower back pain?

Chiropractic rehabilitation centers offer alternatives to painkillers and invasive procedures. They integrate therapeutic treatments that focus on the areas where injuries occurred and the body as a whole. This way, they are able to remedy complications along the neck, head, spine, joints, ligaments, and muscles.

What are the services offered in a chiropractic rehabilitation center?

A good chiropractic rehab center in Indianapolis, IN will offer a range of therapeutic services, including:

Acupuncture and dry-needling

While acupuncture originates from ancient China, it has been proven the world over as a calming tool to relieve stress, discomfort, and pain. Dry needling, a variation of acupuncture, is targeted at pressure points and trigger points and is great for alleviating muscle pain and increasing flexibility.

These two therapies are proven to aid a wide range of problem areas, including knee pain, shoulder discomfort, headaches, migraines, lower back pain, and sports injuries. The benefits of successful acupuncture and dry needling include improved deep tissue healing and energy flow, soft tissue regeneration, and an overall healthy balance.

The Active Release Technique

It is easy to focus on the symptom of a problem rather than the problem itself. Sometimes, you can confuse the symptom of a problem with the root of it. You may end up seeking treatment for back pain when the source of the pain is in another region.

Soft tissue treatment is applied with the intention of finding and healing the cause of pain. ART is done by hand and involves the gentle ease of tissue tension by the removal of adhesions. To achieve effective soft tissue treatment, the specialist must be an expert in human anatomy, having in-depth knowledge of the interaction of muscles, ligaments, and tissues.


Some treatments work by subjecting your body to alternative conditions, intending to jumpstart your internal range of motion. In cryotherapy, your body is placed under severely cold temperatures of about -200 to -240F. This shift will trigger your body’s natural survival instinct, which limits and directs blood flow to vital organs, prompting the removal of unwanted tissue.

Cryotherapy is effective in relieving neck and back pain, sports injuries, and accident injuries. It is gaining popularity as a therapy for wholesome wellness among athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Floatation therapy

This remedy is great if you are looking for a place just to tune out the world and retreat into your mind. Floatation tanks are created to make you feel weightless as you drift upon the water. Every condition is set to match your natural body conditions, such as temperature, to ease your body into total relaxation.

Flotation therapy has been proven to provide numerous health benefits, including improved blood circulation, lower tension, and boosted mental clarity. It is so natural that a few sessions will leave your body completely rejuvenated.

Chiropractic rehabilitation is not just recommended if you have had an accident or severe trauma to your joints. These natural therapeutic treatments are relieving even for what you consider almost routine; recurring headaches, back, and neck pain, and joint and muscle tension. Consider acupuncture, ART, cryotherapy, or floatation therapy for overall body wellness. 

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