Custom CBD Packaging; Is it Time For Your Brand Makeover?

What are CBD Tincture Boxes?

Tincture boxes are the special type of boxes for tincture bottles which was specifically designed to be used for tincture oils. These bottles can be variable in size and have a default dropper inside them. Such boxes are of special use because the targeted audience of such products is mainly skincare enthusiasts, nutritionists or physiotherapy doctors and patients. Anyhow, the target audience varies according to the type of oil being manufactured but they all are for medicinal purposes.

The quality of boxes is of prime importance because the impression of the oil company depends on them.

Why are these boxes important?

These boxes are important due to the fact that they have to protect and avoid any leakage of oil. They are your little-looking models who are going to market your product and merchandise it. They have to look as per its use and convey the message of its purpose to the people who are looking for such items at a single glance. The point that these boxes are of maximum marketing value makes an owner of a CBD business even more conscious to make thoughtful choices about the packaging of their product.

Factors which make these boxes of higher value

Everything has a lot of perspectives to be looked at, and so when something is polished we make sure to make it look smooth from every side similarly there are many factors to be looked at to make custom tincture boxes are a perfect one to be pursued with for the rest of the lifespan of the product.

The material

The material of the box has to be of high and suitable quality. We, at Packaging Xpert, provide our clients with cardboard and kraft material for boxes. The quality and durability offered at such low prices might be unbelievable but you can verify us through our customer reviews on our website.

The colours

Mere cardboard boxes are of no attraction and durability alone cannot increase the sale of your products so we use digital, screen and set printing types to print the colours chosen in the finest and wickedly exceptional form. Though you can order your own thoughts even if you are confused about this tough procedure then don’t worry because our designers will help you through every step of the procedure and even show you the 3D mock-up design before the print is done. The sample of the print is also, however, sent to your doorstep for further examination and verification of our quality.

The add-ons

We provide options for other features to individualize your brand even more in this head-losing crowd. You can go for a matte or glow coating for your CBD boxes. You can also opt for any illustration, graphics or pictures according to your oil purpose. Also, you can customize your box design by providing snippets of information about your product like the date of manufacture and expiry, or other information about its manufacturers like the lab it was produced in or the ingredients used in it. You can emboss or deboss your brand name according to your taste and then use gold and silver foiling on it for a better view. All these options are available on Packaging Xpert without any problem.

The design

Little details like a die-cut design or a window pane or an unconventional box design instead of an ordinary tuck-in one can change the whole outlook of your product because the impact of the box used is highly imperative on how the impression of the product is imprinted on a customer the first time they look towards your product on a shop shelf. We provide variety of templates and box styles on our page. All you have to do is hop on our page and choose your idea. We are just a call away!

We use eco-friendly packaging products

It is said as “home sweet home”. Earth is our unanimous home and it owes us all to join hands and give our part to help it recover from the damages we have done. For this purpose, we make eco-friendly packaging products to reduce the chances of land dumping which is harmful to the ecosystem.

Hope to see you as a client soon

We respect and think highly of our worthy clients. We never discriminate between our clients as they all are of equal importance to us and your orders are also of equal importance to us. We ship throughout the United States for free and for our clients outside the United States in the most reasonable fairs. We do realize the hardships of the process of running a business so we try our best for our services to be as pocket friendly as possible.