Does 100 Percent Cotton Shrink? | How To Prevent Cotton Cloths From Shrinkage

One of the best fabrics for clothing is cotton because it is inherently breathable, cozy, and long-lasting. No matter the season, cotton naturally wicks moisture from the skin to keep you cool. Cotton needs more proper care to stay in good condition in order to make it stay longer, just like any other type of clothing. 

In this situation, the question that comes to mind is, does 100 cotton shrink?  

The answer is simple – Make sure you are aware of how washing and drying will affect your favorite cotton clothing before laundry day. Although cotton can sometimes shrink, there are some preventative measures you can take to ensure that your favorite shirt, pair of pants, or dress doesn’t stop fitting perfectly.

Methods to Prevent Cotton Clothes Shrinkage

Given that cotton is a natural fiber, which we love for its softness and breathability, it is more likely to shrink than synthetic fibers like polyester. The fibers of raw cotton are stretched during the process of spinning it into thread, which creates the tension required to weave the fibers into cotton fabric. The fibers lose that tension when the cotton fabric is heated, such as when it is tumbled in a dryer. As a result, cotton slightly shrinks after the first wash. 

But don’t lose heart; it’s simple to ensure that the best cotton t-shirts for men can stay in their perfect fit with a little extra care. 

To reduce shrinkage and help the garment settle, so to speak, you should first-hand wash and air dry any cotton clothing you purchase. 

Following the initial hand wash and machine wash guidelines can help in reducing shrinkage. Hence, remember these few guidelines when washing cotton clothing: 

Washing By Hand, Your Cotton Clothing 

  • Lightly scrub the clothing with a very mild detergent before soaking it in cool water. 
  • For typical washes, five minutes should be sufficient; for heavier stains, up to thirty minutes is advised. 
  • After soaking, thoroughly rinse the clothing in cool water.

How to Use a Washing Machine For Washing Cotton Clothes 

It’s acceptable to use the washing machine if you don’t have time to hand wash. 

Wash your cotton clothing on a delicate cycle in cold water to avoid the fabric shrinking. This will lessen the possibility of excessive agitation and friction, which can lead to pilling and other unwelcome wear in addition to shrinking.

Drying by Air- You’ll get the best results by drying the best cotton t-shirts for men without heat, regardless of whether you hand wash or use a washing machine. The quickest way to cause cotton clothing to shrink is at high temperatures. Instead of using the dryer, dry your clothes on a clothes rack or line in a spot with indirect sunlight. To keep the clothing in its original shape, use hangers. So, next time you need not ask any shopkeeper that does 100 cotton shrink

These guidelines only apply to clothing made entirely of cotton. You shouldn’t be concerned about shrinkage as much if your clothing’s label indicates that it is a cotton and polyester blend. 

Polyester is a synthetic fiber, which means it is a polymer created by man from chemical chains derived from petroleum that does not contract when heated. If the clothing is made of a cotton and polyester blend, you can wash it in warm or cool water and tumble dry it on low. 

Last Words 

You are now aware of the truth behind the phenomenon of cotton shrinkage. Why then would you ask the seller whether or not 100 percent cotton shrinks? 

Simply taking proper care of your best t-shirt for men can lengthen its lifespan significantly.