E-Commerce Product Photography | A DIY Approach To Save Budget

Professional-looking product photography will influence whether or not customers choose to shop from your website or store. As the overall impression depends on the pictures uploaded. More realistic picture, more trust will be built in customers. 

Hence, possessing excellent e-commerce product photography skills can make your online store’s usability easier to improve.

A product’s texture, fit, and appearance will be shown from a variety of angles and settings in great e-commerce product photography, in addition to how it looks.

Hiring a commercial photographer in NYC is a better option, and he can help you achieve your desired results. 

As he is well aware of everything that can result in the best product photography. But if you trying it yourself, the below points can help you achieve better pictures.  

> Make your picture sharp

The sharpness of your images is the one factor that matters the most for any product photography on your e-commerce store. User experience suffers as a result of blurry, pixelated images that make it difficult for customers to see your product clearly.

Visitors may choose to shop elsewhere if they don’t trust your website because of poor image quality. Make sure your DSLR camera has a wide aperture range if you plan to use one. The easier it is to focus your camera’s lens on the item you’re attempting to sell, the lower the aperture, which will help you take a sharper, clearer photo that does the product justice. The portrait mode on contemporary iPhones also reproduces this effect.

> Modify your photograph’s exposure

Make sure the product is exposed properly. This indicates that to avoid shadows and dark areas on your product, it may be necessary to use multiple light sources. Consider using natural light when shooting outside. If you don’t have access to a lightbox, combine window and overhead lighting for adequate coverage. 

Pro tip: It’s much simpler to increase exposure when an image is dark and decrease exposure when it is too light and the image is washed out. So using a product photography studio can help you get a perfect click. 

> Maintain Consistency in your Sizing

Keep a sufficient distance between each item and its border. This allows the product some breathing room. The browsing experience for your customers may suffer if your product photo dimensions aren’t all the same size. It appears unbalanced on the surface.

> Add Reflections

Your e-commerce product photography will look more luxurious and have more depth if you add product reflections. It is best to do this in post-production or with a small mirror. Mirrored surfaces make taking pictures more challenging, and you might spend hours trying to get your tripod out of the shot.

Recommendation: Only apply reflection effects to product images taken from the front. There would not naturally be a reflection of the product image, which was more of a flat lay. The best course is to steer clear of reflections in that situation.

Closing Lines

One of your greatest assets of product photography services for online shopping is getting the right picture of the product. As this will enhance your customer’s online shopping experience, boost site conversions, and raise average cart values when done correctly. 
Talk to one of the commercial photographers in NYC who are experts and know more about basic detailing of the best photography and the required lightspeed if you’re looking for time-saving tools to manage your online website.