How Cold Air Intake Systems Can Elevate Your Car’s Performance

For a healthy engine, you need a clean, cold and continuous air stream for your car. If the air is contaminated with dust or debris then believe us this is gonna erode your engine performance because this will directly impact the exhaust system of your car.

If you want to make your cars more powerful then you can modify or use after-market systems for your car. For this, you may come up with turbochargers or a new exhaust system for your car. 

Cold Air Intakes are the most cost-effective system as compared to turbochargers, exhaust systems, and superchargers. Cold Air Intakes are much easier to install as compared to other modifications. 

One important note that we want to make is that Cold Air Intakes are not able to increase a significant amount of your car’s power but they will help you in some more important ways.

Medicine for breathing problems:

This article is not for explaining the importance of medical science but in order to get a better understanding, we want you to imagine that you have a cold and fever. You were struggling to breathe and yet you are said to run.

Now you are running with a breathing problem, what will happen? Your engine may get seized, which may be the heart in your case. 

An air intake system facilitates the passing of continuous air throughout the engine. It gives the required amount of oxygen to the engine for generating more power for your wheels. Your engine needs oxygen for burning to create energy for the wheels to spin on a hilly or bumpy road. 

How it works:

A cooler intake system is installed outside of the engine chamber so that it isn’t able to absorb the heat of the engine directly. This makes a cooler intake system to capture a cooler air drive through the engine.

The air has oxygen and oxygen is well needed by the engine to burn gases. The burning of gases generates more gases that would be cast out by an exhaust system. This is the cycle that repeats again and again.

Why cooler air? Because cooler air is denser than hot air and a denser bundle has more oxygen than hot air. So, it would bring more oxygen to the engine, and as a result, the engine would work well and you will have more power for the wheels.

Benefits and Advantages:

When you have a cold air intake system that is passing out more oxygen to your car’s engine then it may increase the horsepower of your car plus a better fuel average and ultimately more engine performance.

Many claims that cold air intake systems can increase horsepower up to 5 to 20 Hp. We can’t assure you about this but yes it will increase your overall car’s performance.

When you don’t have a breathing problem and your metabolism is working well by extracting nutrients from the food for your body then why not you perform well. This is the same case with cars. When you have a perfect cold air intake system with a perfect exhaust and engine system then in one line you don’t have to buy a new car.