How do you start a webinar in 2022

Webinar plays an important role in engaging people around the world with its strong service network & provides a platform where you can represent yourself as an expert in your field to thousands of people watching your event virtually.

Webinars are being hosted with the help of different webinar platforms available to choose from. Webinar delivers the fastest method of spreading technical knowledge along with industry experts for quick grasping of information.

As for business purposes, webinars are an integral part of their campaign which consists of higher lead generation & driving more audiences to their product or services.

In this blog, we are going to discuss webinars & related terms. We will be explaining to host a webinar with easy steps to follow & benefits of hosting webinar sessions.

All you need to know about Webinar

The webinar is basically a type of online event that is used by companies with a host speaker to address a group of individuals sitting at a remote location & attending the event virtually.

With the help of webinar services, hosts can easily interact with their audience using slides & SharePoint presentations.

In webinars, the audience is allowed to ask questions related to the specific topic with the experts using features like chat options, real-time feedback, or via mail. Many companies tend to connect live with their potential customers, create brand awareness & promote their services.

As far as the working of the webinar is concerned, it enables audiences to watch the event live on their computer screens with absolutely no hidden registration charges & paid services.

Webinar live streaming services are generally free but may be paid as well. Most of the free services are used for high lead generation purposes & training sessions by the experts.

To host a successful webinar session, a prior understanding of the working procedure is a must-have strategy for the organizers.

Step by Step Guide to Host Webinar

Hosting a webinar is not as easy a task as it might sound. It requires lots of research work for the chosen topics, discussion about activities to be included during the live sessions for better audience engagement, and much more.

Ultimately, you have to create a lasting experience for your viewers & for that, you have to work beyond your potential. Here is an easy guide that will be very helpful in covering the key aspects required for hosting a webinar session –

Deciding the Specific Topic

  • No webinar exists without any topic. Basically, the topic is the first & foremost step before planning to host a webinar.
  • The topic can be related to your industry, your expertise, or something which has been in the news recently.
  • Online webinar platforms provided customizable themes which suit your topic & create a greater impact on your audience.

Choosing a Webinar Tool

  • In bulk amounts, webinar tools are present in the market. That does not mean all of them are worthy enough to rely on.
  • Scrolling for the best tools available, their features, and reviews by other customers who had used them previously are some of the points which should be taken into consideration while picking your one.
  • Also, you should have decided your budget, the number of attendees for your webinar session, the duration of the session, etc. by this now.

Creation of Landing Page

  • After choosing the best webinar platform according to your requirements, you should create a registration/Landing page for communication with your audience.
  • Your landing page will be the deciding factor for the success of your event as it is representing the face of the event.
  • Your page should mention some of the striking features of your event & nature of the webinar along with a short description of the background of the host.

Selection of Webinar Format

  • With a good understanding of the content of the webinar, it will be a lot easier to frame the structure of the webinar efficiently.
  • There are a lot of interactive webinar platforms which tend to provide highly engaging format structures which are appealing to a large audience.
  • Some of the formats which can be used are – Industry Related, Product Related.

Content Creation

  • This is the area where your hard work gets a chance to shine bright. Content is the backbone of any webinar session.
  • You have plenty of options to go with – you can choose a PowerPoint presentation, infographics & traditional presentation practice.
  • No matter with which kind of content strategy you are going to host your webinar session, make sure it’s an engaging & interactive session from the audience’s point of view.

Promotion of Webinar

  • All of your efforts & resources will go in vain if no one is there to attend your session.
  • Make sure to promote and advertise your webinar event a month before the actual date of the event.
  • There are some viewers who like to watch automated webinar sessions, so keeping in mind all sorts of requirements design your webinar accordingly.
  • You can use social media channels like – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for your webinar promotion & gather a wider audience to attend your event.

Key Benefits of Hosting a Webinar

Some of the key benefits of hosting these sessions have been described below –

  • Webinars are the most engaging session’s audience can have which include real-time feedbacks which keeps the audience on their feet.
  • They increase your brand value & promote sales lead
  • They generate high-quality SEO content
  • Good sources to receive feedback from the audience
  • They are time efficient as well as cost-effective solutions for the organizers.


As per the current trends in communication which are more driven by shorter formats, there has been a rise in average viewing time for webinars. Webinars are diverse in nature as right from live stream your wedding to hosting training sessions for the new joinee’s , they are being frequently used.

The webinar market is showing strong growth in 2022. It has now become an integral part of the business that is switching to digital platforms.

With its tremendous potential to catch the attention of a large number of viewers & accessible interaction features with industry experts in real-time, virtual webinar platforms are a great relying tool for the growth of an organization.