How to Check PNB Credit Card Balance Online

Punjab National Bank is an Indian monetary services company established in 1894 in New Delhi, India. Punjab National Bank (PNB) delivers a wide scope of credit cards for its consumers. The subsequent methods can help you to check the balance on your card if you are a PNB credit cardholder: 

  • Check the balance via internet banking
  • Check the balance via SMS service. This can be done via the PNB balance check number.
  • Check the balance with the help of the PNB Genie mobile phone application.

Eligibility Criteria for pursuing a PNB Credit Card

To be qualified for the PNB Global Credit Cards, you have to satisfy specific eligibility parameters, which are listed below:

  • The applicant’s age must not be less than 23 years at the time of application. The minimum age required to be an add-on cardholder is 18 years.
  • He/she must be a citizen of India.
  • If the applicant is self-employed, the minimum annual income must be not less than Rs.3 lakhs, as enumerated in the last IT returns document.
  • The applicant must have a neat credit record, with no blatant red flags.

Why Prefer Punjab National Bank Lifetime Free Credit Card?

The PNB National Bank lifetime free credit card are global credit cards that are valid everywhere in the world. They are acknowledg in more than 29 million merchant establishments and one million ATMs. These credit cards are available with appealing proposals at leading merchant outlets and exhilarating rewards. 

Considerable attributes are available on this card. It will assure that you have a safe, suitable and worthwhile understanding while buying goods and services. 

Some of the Punjab National Bank lifetime free credit cards include –

  • PNB Global Platinum Credit Card: This credit card offers multiple privileges to improve amenities in your lifestyle. You can gain bonus points each time you spend money on shopping, travel, dining, entertainment, etc. using this card. It also offers extra welcome points, you can redeem compelling rewards obtainable on the vast rewards record. You can avail facilities such as a free airport lounge pass, air travel accident insurance, and much more. This card also gives an impressive porter service that can be use by the cardholder.
  • PNB Global Gold Credit Card: It is an International credit card which offers numerous purchase benefits and other privileges. This credit card is an international credit card that comes with numerous acquisition benefits and privileges. It can be utilise for shopping, travelling, dining, etc. and is correct around the globe at merchant outlets that bear visas as well as in domestic and international ATMs that accept VISA.
  • PNB Global Classic Credit Card: With this credit card, the clients can relish advantages such as zero joining fee, annual fee and renewal fee along with other advantages offer by Punjab National Bank like interest-free credit period. You can also gain rewards every time you expend.
  • PNB Wave & Pay Credit Card: The PNB Wave & Pay Credit Card offers a host of features, especially the security of transactions. The credit card can be utilise for contactless transactions up to Rs. 2,000. Asunder from this, the Wave & Pay Credit Card by Punjab National Bank proffers bonus points for every transaction and passes to concierge services.
  • PNB RuPay Platinum Credit Card: The RuPay Platinum Credit Card by the Punjab National Bank is a co-partner credit card that offers reward point benefits, cashback benefits along with insurance benefits.
  • PNB RuPay Select Credit Card: The PNB RuPay Select Credit Card delivers a broad range of components and uses across diverse varieties. Along with accelerated bonus points on retail purchases, the card also offers cashback on utility bills, dining expenditures, and a broad insurance package. The RuPay Select Credit Card also provides the customers travel advantages such as favourable airport lounge passes.

You can check the credit card balance via the PNB balance check number which is 1800 180 2223. One can check your credit card balance by giving a missed on this PNB balance check number. You may also send an SMS – ‘BAL<16-digit a/c no.>’ to 5607040.