How to Choose Goods Storage Services in Mumbai?

People might need to hire storage services for various reasons, including storing surplus manufactured goods or for storing goods safely during relocation or in bad weather conditions. Irrespective of the reason, it is essential to choose a reliable goods storage facility to ensure that the goods are kept safe before they are delivered.

Given a large number of goods storage service providers, choosing the best one may be pretty confusing. One way to simplify the choice is by considering the following factors:

Type Of Goods to Be Stored

The first and the most crucial factor to consider is the type and quantity of goods to be stored. Goods that require any level of temperature regulation are best stored in cold storage units. Similarly, hazardous storage units are designed for the safe keeping of dangerous items. Ambient storage units are the best option for storing everyday items since they need to be stored at room temperature. This is the reason why knowing the nature of goods is significant to pick the ideal storage unit. 

Location Of Storage Facility   

The location of the storage facility is another crucial factor to consider as it can ease the transportation of the goods. While it will increase time and effort in transporting the goods to and from the facility and may even increase the overall costs. Thus, it is essential to pick a location that is easily accessible. Moreover, storage facilities in remote areas have a higher risk of being robbed or vandalized.

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Size Of the Facility

The storage unit should be large enough to accommodate all your goods. Opting for a storage unit that is too small can hinder the smooth loading and unloading process of goods and increase the risk of damage. Moreover, storing goods in a tight, cramped space is not recommended as it may also result in reduced airflow within the storage area, which may even lead to moisture build-up. However, be sure that you do not rent a huge space as it can increase your cost significantly. 

Security Features Offered

It is essential to verify the security features of a storage facility before renting one to minimize the risk of theft or damage to goods.

Most reliable service providers offer security by trained professionals. In addition, they also use technology-based security solutions such as CCTV, automated alarm systems, and silent intruder alerts. Renting storage space in such facilities may be a bit expensive, but it assures the clients of the utmost safety of their goods. 

Insurance Coverage Offered

Despite their best efforts, many storage facilities may not be able to avoid accidents that can damage the goods of the clients. That is why most professional packers and movers in Mumbai offer insurance coverage to their clients. This might increase the overall cost of renting the storage space, but it will hedge against any financial loss that may occur during loading, unloading, or transporting your goods. 


The factors mentioned above can help you in finding a suitable storage facility that matches your unique and specific needs, which will minimize the risk of damage to your stuff.