How to repair a cell phone step by step

Although there are various types of support, one of the most requested is corrective technical support , which is responsible for repairing the devices when a failure or breakdown has already occurred, this procedure must be carried out with great care in order to protect the equipment to the maximum. .

Would you like to learn how to perform corrective support? In this article you will learn how to diagnose and repair cell phones that have hardware or software damage. Continue reading!

Common hardware failures and solutions
Cell phones are small computers that fit in the palm of your hand, for this reason they have, like computers, software and hardware get all phone parts from Maya Cellular Parts, this last part consists of all the physical and tangible parts that support the system, the Damages and failures within the hardware usually occur due to accidents or customer carelessness.

The most common situations that cause hardware problems and their solutions are the following:

  1. Blows or Falls
    Incidents that usually damage the casing of the equipment, depending on the severity, can affect some components or, in the most serious cases, cause the total loss of the device. The way you can fix this damage is by replacing the affected parts.
  2. Crashed or scratched display
    Blows that mistreat the aesthetic appearance of mobile devices, when this problem occurs the equipment can continue to be used; however, the information is not optimally appreciated, this repair consists of changing the entire display, which makes it expensive.
  3. Damage caused by water or moisture
    This failure is usually considered a total loss of equipment, since internal moisture can cause a short circuit. To find out when a piece of equipment got wet, see if the liquid contact indicators changed from white to red. Depending on each model, these can be found at different points on the piece of equipment. In very minor cases, this fault can be solved with an ultrasonic washer that will allow you to remove corrosion.
  4. Wrong battery charge
    It happens when a device remains uncharged for a long time, shortening the useful life of the battery, it is one of the reasons why mobile devices do not turn on, this problem can be solved by charging the battery in an adjustable source . Once it reaches its full capacity, you must explain to the customer that they should not use generic accessories for charging.
  5. Cell phone camera
    Failures that can be detected when the cell phone does not take photos, its flash does not work, the image quality is poor or the colors are unbalanced.

Before disassembling make sure that the protective film is not obstructed and test that the flash LED turns on, then detect the failure and remove the cell phone cover. Clean the camera inside and out with a microfiber cloth and check the lens cover for scratches or cracks with a magnifying glass; if so, unplug the camera, remove it carefully without damaging the battery, replace it, reassemble and test the camera according to the instructions in the manual.

scheme of a cell phone with system problems
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Common faults and solutions in the software
Software is the logical support that makes it possible to run computer systems, as well as perform tasks and functions. This type of technical assistance can be carried out by different means, among which are: a specialized technician by email, a chat and within application software or apps.

There are various levels of assistance , however, in this article we will focus on two types:

– Level 1 cell phone repair
In this classification there is direct contact with the client, it has the purpose of gathering all the user’s information and determining the priority of the incident by analyzing the symptoms and determining the problem.

– Level 2 cell phone repair
It requires knowledge in more specialized areas at the computer level, for example: communication networks, information systems, operating systems, databases and many more.

This type of failure occurs within the applications (Apps) or the operating system (OS) and some of the most common signs are:

When the phone reboots itself.
The settings or configuration are not executed.
The buttons or the touch screen do not respond.
Some application does not open or unexpectedly closes.
Now that you know these aspects, let’s see the most common failures that occur in the software and their solutions:

Solution #1: Memory Overflow Failure
A common problem that causes the phone to be slow, this happens because the Flash or RAM memories are full, to solve it go to the “settings” or “configuration” menu, then look for the “memory” or “storage” option with the purpose of checking the flash memory and identify the files that take up more space, then select the “application manager” or “running applications” option and check the RAM memory, finally perform the following steps:

  1. If the Flash memory is full, ask your customer to delete files such as videos, photos or documents. It offers to transfer them to the computer and deliver them on disks or on a USB Flash memory so that you do not lose your data.
  2. Remember that some devices allow you to expand the capacity with microSD memories.
  3. If the RAM memory fills up when you run one or several applications, it means that the device does not have enough capacity. Please note that new applications require higher performance and may be incompatible.

Solution #2: Problems in the apps
When an app won’t start, your phone freezes or crashes, you can fix it by reinstalling or updating.

To update it:
Find the Apps store, go to the “my applications” section in which it is indicated which ones need an update, then click on each one, grant the necessary permissions and run it.

To reinstall the apps:
In the “my applications” or “installed applications” section, those that are installed on the computer will be shown, then follow these steps:

In the options select “uninstall”.
Reboot the phone.
Go back to the app store and search for the app.
Download it. Sometimes a password is required, so the customer must be present to provide it.
Finally, grant the permissions and when it is installed, run it to verify its operation.
Solution #3: Operating System (OS) Issues
This problem can be detected when the phone is restarting, running slow, settings not running, or all apps have issues. In this case, you can solve the problem by reinstalling and updating the operating system, to do this follow these steps:

  1. Enter the “settings” menu, go to the “general” or “about phone” option and see if in the “system update” part it indicates that there is a new version, if so, click on it to download it.
  2. If the equipment allows it, reinstall the operating system, first backup the current information since during the process all data may be lost, once this is done, install the software indicated by the manufacturer on your computer and connect the equipment to the same.

Attention! To implement any Apps or OS solution, you must have a Wi-Fi connection so as not to waste the user’s mobile data.

Solution #4: Network selection stuck or error
When this problem occurs, the factory settings must be restored, so you will need to follow the following points:

  1. Remove the SIM card from the phone.
  2. If you notice any scratches or discoloration on the copper coating, please check if the SIM card needs to be replaced.
  3. If everything is ok, insert it back into the corresponding slot.
  4. Confirm that you have a signal, in case the phone does not show the signal bars or warns of an error in the service, you should contact the mobile operator.

Now that you identify the most common faults and breakdowns, you can solve them through corrective technical support. Remember that before performing any operation it is essential to generate a diagnosis and a repair proposal, adhering to the appropriate techniques to check the hardware and software, so you can detect the fault without compromising the operation of the cell phone. You can!