6 Ideas to Help You Manage Storage

With increasing rents and inflation, many people are now renting smaller dwellings. Managing the space or getting all your belongings inside is a choice a lot of people make. One solution is to rent a storage facility. However, another way to manage your belongings is smart organization. Smartly organizing things in your house can give it a neater and more pleasing appeal. An advantage is that you can fit more things in there without creating clutter. Consider this blog a starting point and a source of motivation to declutter your residence. It will also answer 5 FAQs about storage units in Dubai that many people often have. 

Managing Plants 

If you love to have plants but are short on space, putting your pots on the floor may not be the best thing to do. It is because pots in nooks and corners may not be clearly visible. Also, putting them on the floor may result in someone tripping from them or increasing the chance of breaking pots.  

So, what you should do instead is to place them on windowsills. This way your plants will be more visible and safer. An added advantage is that your plants can absorb more sunlight required for growth. If there isn’t enough space for pots, you can hang them on the walls near the windows. Putting a small table next to the window may serve the purpose too. However, consider doing this only if you have space or an existing table.  

Get a Peg Board  

When you are trying to cut the clutter and free some space, buying new things to do so may not seem like the best of ideas. But a peg board can help you declutter your desk and organize your belongings in the best manner. Hang one of these next to your desk and stop wasting time on misplacing your stationery and other tools. Students and remote employees can make good use of these boards and may even observe a boost in productivity. The best part is that getting one that complements your overall settings can add to the appeal of your residence. 

Display Your Accessories/Jewelry 

Jewelry and accessories need a lot of care. And if you love collecting them, they can take up a lot of space too. Designating a drawer of your dresser may not be the best idea. That space could be used for something else. Instead, get yourself a display for accessories. This way your accessories make your room appear “dripped-up”. A vertical display you could hang or support with a wall may be better.  

With the ease of taking out your favorite watches and rings every day, you can level up your outfit game too.  

Buy Some Hooks 

A place to put bulky coats in the winter is a requisite if you want them to retain their shape. They take up a lot of cupboard space. A solution to hang your hats and coats is to buy some hooks. Put these hooks on the walls to hang these pieces of clothing. It is best to buy hooks that look nice on their own. This way, you will have room décor and a solution for managing space.  

Swap Bulky Hangers with Lean Ones 

If your cupboard is not big enough to hang your clothes inside, a simple change of swapping bulky hangers with leans ones can save some space. You can hang more clothes in the same cupboards. Spending money on hangers is much better than spending hundreds of dollars on a new cupboard. Not to mention, another cupboard will further eat up space. So, simply prioritize buying yourself new hangers.  

Maximize the Use of Wall Space 

When your floors have a lot of your belongings already on them, use the space on the walls. Not all things can be hung with hooks. So, for your walls with no hooks on them, use wall-mounted racks. Wall-mounted racks can serve as presentable storage for your books, souvenirs, vases, and many other things.  

You can buy such racks from online marketplaces or visit stores physically. Ensure that your racks match the vibes of the other stuff in your room and have enough space to serve the purpose. Besides buying racks, you may adopt a more adventurous approach of starting a DIY project. It is advisable to only do so if you have prior experience in such work. Otherwise, hire an expert because the quality of work may be much better.  

So, these were solutions to your storage space. Explore more such ideas and create your masterpiece.