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Your lip balm needs a display box that looks trendy and adorable. Custom lip balm display boxes are the perfect solution for this. Small Packaging’s expert team will make the perfect display box for you. Learn more about Corrugated cardboard and shiny finish in this article. We’ll also talk about Branding options to ensure your packaging stands out. You’ll be glad you did! So, start designing your custom lip balm packaging boxes today!

Customized lip balm display boxes

Using a custom lip balm display box to sell your product is a great idea! They can be designed to feature all the important product details and information, including the manufacturer and expiration date. In addition to product information, they can include ingredients and components. Custom boxes are also a good idea for introducing a new product, and you can include bar codes that allow customers to scan the bar code. Here are some ideas for your next lip balm packaging project!

Personalized lip balm display boxes can add a glamorous look to your products while maintaining freshness. Lip balms come in many flavors and extracts, so it’s important to choose the right box for your product. You can use a punched partitioned foundation for lip balm display boxes to maximize your space and appeal. Custom lip balm boxes can hold hundreds of tubes. They can also provide a way for customers to easily find the perfect lip balm for their needs.

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Corrugated cardboard

Corrugated cardboard lip balm display boxes are perfect for displaying your favorite lip balm products. Made from sturdy corrugated cardboard, these boxes have the strength and durability to withstand accidental pushes, knocks, and bumps. They are also recyclable, making them an ideal packaging option. Choose from a variety of sizes and colors to best showcase your lip balms. You’ll be glad you made the investment!

You can create attractive custom boxes for your lip balms by choosing a shape that will attract the eye. When placed on a counter, these boxes will attract the customer’s attention. They also allow you to include product information and images. And with high-quality printing techniques, you can even create a theme that is fun and eye-catching. Your customers will be sure to stop and check out your products, so your customized lip balm display boxes are a great way to advertise your brand.

Shiny finish

Lip balms are packaged in custom display boxes to give them an elegant look and boost their brand recognition. These boxes are designed with punched partitioned foundations for maximum organization and can hold hundreds of lip balm tubes. Custom boxes are great for launching new lip balm products and can serve as promotional pieces in the store as well. To learn more about custom lip balm boxes, visit today!

Customized lip balm display boxes are made of durable paper and glossy coatings for maximum protection. These materials enhance the appearance of the box and protect its graphics. Shiny finish packaging is ideal for luxury and healthcare products as it catches the eye of customers and draws them to purchase. Shiny finish boxes also look beautiful on the shelf. The finishing is finished with a lamination to make the product shine even brighter.

Branding options

One of the most important aspects of a lip balm is its packaging. People notice the packaging as soon as they see the product. Therefore, a lip balm box is a great place to advertise your brand. Its wide space is ideal for a logo or name that you can print using different techniques. In addition, you can foil-stamped the lip balm boxes with silver or gold foil.


A good lip balm display box should be easy to place on a counter. A plain base is ideal, since store owners prefer other brands to their own. You can also add a cardboard insert to the box to hold individual lip balm products. This can increase sales by attracting more customers. A custom-designed lip balm display box can also improve brand recognition. It is important to remember that women everywhere love lip balms.