Mark up Your Calendar for MIPS Reporting for PY 2022 with Us!

What’s more, you expect the Quality Payment Program when it is already engaging a huge community of healthcare providers. It has provided two main frameworks for the providers along with various core motives. These frameworks are; the Merit-based Incentive Payment System and Advanced Payment Model. Currently, the two frameworks have been aligned side by side for past years. However, we all are familiar that recently CMS has made MIPS Value Pathways (MVPs) available to clinicians for MIPS reporting 2023. Anyhow, the reason why QPP maintains the defined structure of each pathway is its uniqueness of keeping everything well-organized.

Mainly, CMS doesn’t go with the flow rule. Instead, it provides a comprehensive guideline for each pathway proceeding. All clinicians then appear in the different snapshots accordingly. Till the end of the program, all activities during the performance period make the MIPS participant’s final score.

Before any delay, let’s see what we have done in MIPS 2022 and how QPP has arranged the coming event of the MIPS 2022 program for us. Come on, mark the significant dates and events related to MIPS reporting with us in one go!

MIPS 2022 Reporting Program

Though the Performance year 2022 has ended yet a few preceding from the past performance year are still due on the list. Here, you must be clear that sometimes CMS makes little revisions and updates the dates. Anyhow, we have gathered the most updated information. Thus, the MIPS reporting period for PY 2022 is stretched from January 1, 2022, to December 31, 2022. However, the Payment Adjustment Year will be CY 2024.

Highlights of Past Events

January 1, 2022It marked the beginning of the performance period since all eligible clinicians started reporting from this date. P3Care being a MIPS-qualified registry is a reporting partner for you. Thereby, we can collect the related reporting data on your behalf.
October 3, 2022The final date for initiating the MIPS Performance Period for Promoting Interoperability (PI) and Improvement Activities (IA) consists of 90 days usually.
December 2022Furthermore, late in the month, CMS assigned the final eligibility to those clinicians who had successfully reported in the performance period without getting a QP status. So, you could check out CMS QPP Participation Status Tool for viewing your eligibility status. For QP Determinations and MIPS APM Participation inquiries, you might go to the QPP Participation Status Tool as well. (APM Snapshot date: August 31).
December 31, 2022Finally, the Performance Year 2022 came to an end.

Deadlines for Upcoming Events

January 3, 2023Firstly, the MIPS Promoting Interoperability (PI) Performance Category Hardship Window for PY 2022 has been closed from this date. Besides this, CMS has opened the submission window for MIPS 2022. So, if you have completed your reporting, you have to submit your performance data to CMS at this time. Again, P3Care as a third-party intermediary facilitates you in this phase as well.
February 15, 2023Data Submission Deadline for MIPS reporting program 2022. By this date, you can enter your Quality data (or upload your Quality data files) and finish your PI and IA attestations to give our support team enough time to analyze your data and assist you in improving your MIPS score.
March 2023Updation of APM eligibility for December 31 APM Snapshot date.
March 3, 2023The MIPS Extreme and Uncontrollable Circumstances (EUC) application window for PY 2022 will be closed.
March 31, 2023The CMS submission window for MIPS reporting in PY 2022 will be closed finally.
Late Spring/Early Summer 2023Opening of the MIPS Final Score Preview Period. Clinicians will have the chance to see a preliminary version of their 2022 final MIPS score, which will define their 2024 MIPS payment adjustment, based on the information provided during the 2022 performance period.
Late Summer 2023CMS will finally release performance feedback and payment adjustment data for the 2022 performance period of MIPS reporting. You can get help from P3Care reviewing and evaluating your performance feedback report. Your final MIPS scores and information regarding payment adjustments are included in the performance feedback. Utilizing this information will allow you to maximize your possible Medicare reimbursement for the upcoming reporting year. Once your payment adjustment information is available, the targeted review will start.
Fall 2023Clinicians who will submit the requests for targeted review will be able to do so for 60 days after getting their payment adjustment data. Target reviews are options for clinicians to investigate their MIPS reporting feedback for PY 2022. As the decision made after this review is the finalized one, so one must be quick in submitting a target review request.
January 1, 2024The Payment Adjustment year for MIPS 2022 will start on January 1, 2024, and continue through December 31, 2024.


That’s all about the MIPS reporting deadlines that every eligible clinician must remember. All of their activities and participation strategies depend a lot on the occurrence of these events. Therefore, CMS has already provided a detailed list of events on its official portal. However, P3Care as a qualified registry is serving MIPS clinicians in the reporting for years. We will let you know about every new change or information regarding the above available events.