Mosquito Control In Irvine: How to Protect Your Family and Home from Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are a nuisance and have been a cause of many deaths across the globe every year.  Mosquitoes can carry diseases such as West Nile, Zika virus, dengue, and yellow fever. Although the local government makes effort an to suppress mosquito populations, the best way to keep your family protected against these tiny pests is to hire a pest control company like Brooks Pest Control which has a proven and tested program for mosquito control. 

Is Irvine Home to Mosquitoes?

In Irvine, there is a high risk of mosquito activity. Some people would think that the scorching temperature in the city would deter mosquitoes; however, these insects survive and thrive in the heat when there is a source of water nearby. 

Mosquito activity can increase due to seasonal weather patterns. The monsoon season produces heavy rain. Huge amounts of water along with hot temperatures and humidity create the best breeding habitat for mosquitoes. 

Mosquitoes are abundant during the summer through early fall. But a lot of areas in Irvine have these pests year-round when it doesn’t get cold enough for a long time. Although the highest elevations may not have these flying insects all year, larvae in frozen ponds may reactivate when the temperature rises and lead to an unseasonal hatch. 

How Mosquitoes Survive

Mosquitoes feed on human blood, but they also have other sources of food. Typically, adult mosquitoes feed on flower nectar or look for other sugar sources. Indeed, only female mosquitos feed on blood as they need blood nutrients for the growth and development of their eggs. Female mosquitoes attack humans when they breed and when they need a blood meal. 

Protecting Your Family from Mosquitoes

The backyard on your property is your sanctuary where you relax. This is where you spend quality time with your loved ones and friends. But if mosquitoes eat you alive when you are outside, you will always want to stay indoors. This is the reason you must keep your property free of these pests. 

First, start with getting rid of any standing water on your property. Moist areas near the house can increase mosquito activity. If you do not want mosquitoes to take over your yard, make sure to fix all leaking faucets and seal off possible access points for mosquitoes. Repair broken window and door screens to keep mosquitoes out. Also, it’s important to cover all open containers including the trash bins. Last, keep the gutters clean to prevent water from accumulating and becoming a breeding ground for mosquitoes.