Real vs. Artificial Flowers: Which Is Better for A Luxury Wedding

A luxury wedding planner always uses flower arrangements to decorate and make a wedding grander. What is a wedding without a signature floral arrangement? Flowers have been part of wedding ceremonies for centuries, and they are always present at weddings regardless of the era. Just because we adore them doesn’t mean they don’t raise one ‘s own set of concerns. The most important question is whether to use real or artificial flowers.

While actual flowers are always beautiful, there are numerous reasons why you might prefer artificial flowers. Costs, availability of specific flowers during a season, attempting to be eco-friendly, or even something as minor as allergies. So, we have decided to break down how and where you could use real and fake blooms without spending a fortune.

So here are a few practical tips that will also help you save money on your decorating budget:

  • Keeping It Real at Eye Level: Use real flowers for all eye-level décor, such as centrepieces, table décor, and entryways. These will be the ones that will be notice and possibly even graspe, so choose the genuine product.
  • Choose Artificial Flowers for Large and Far Décor Setups: For large and far décor setups, such as marriage stages as well as massive arches, you can use fake flowers. It will not only significantly reduce the cost of the décor, but guests will not even realize what flowers those who are.
  • Quality Is Always Important: Even if you choose fake flowers, make sure your décor vendor uses high-quality materials. You can choose between cheap plastic flowers and high-quality fabric flowers.
  • A Ratio to Remember: Check to see which areas require real flowers and which can do with fake. Fresh flowers should be use only in your garlands and wedding bouquet. If desired, your bridesmaids can wear matching faux flower bouquets. A 70-30 artificial-to-real ratio is typically ideal for both appearance and cost management.
  • Choose the Perfect Florals to Save Money: If you desire more genuine blooms but your budget is tight, be wise about the flowers you choose. Local flowers, such as genda phool and other in-season flowers, will be much less expensive than peonies, orchids, and fancy roses. Local is more environmentally friendly and less expensive, and individuals obtain more of the actual stuff for less!
  • Choose Non-Floral Elements: Combine dry flowers with real flowers if you don’t want 70 percent of your petals to be artificial. Timber flowers, pampas grass, twigs, and foliage, of course. Using a combination of dried as well as fresh flowers is fashionable and attractive.
  • Faux Flower DIY: Artificial flowers are ideal if you intend to DIY some aspects of your wedding décor. That way, you can plan your décor ahead of time without having  concerned about the florals’ shelf life or transportation.

Decorating tips for wedding and event planners are usually a good idea! We know that in this day and age, where every aspect of the marriage ceremony is documente. Couples are looking for hacks that will go viral on Instagram. But you don’t always want to go for expensive décor, that’s why we found you some that are reasonably price.