Road To Korean tourism – Tips For Your First Time Travel!

For many years, Korean tourism has been appealing. The allure of the Kim Chi homeland is undeniable, but visitors from all over the world may encounter a number of awkward issues, particularly on their first visit. We hope that the following Korean travel tips will assist you in planning the perfect trip for yourself!

Tips for Korean tourism in 2022

When to travel to Korea?

March – May 

It is spring, the weather is pleasant, there is no rain, and the sun is warm. Going in March is ideal, but there may be many storms in February. Visitors will be able to participate in a variety of attractive flower festivals, particularly in the spring.

June – August 

Korea is in the midst of summer, so temperatures range from 38 to 40 degrees Celsius. It is extremely hot, and there is a lot of rain, but sea tourism and beaches in Korea are very developed. It’s also lovely in the summer. If you want to go to the beach in Korea, now is the time to do it.

September – November

It is autumn in Korea, and the weather is pleasant and extremely cool, making it ideal for outings. Traveling at a convenient time allows tourists to enjoy a variety of food and products while also being easily accessible.

December – February 

It will snow and be cold because it is winter, but it is very appealing to travel. Because you can watch the snow and engage in a variety of activities such as hot spring bathing, skiing, snow festivals, and ice fishing…

What should you prepare when traveling to Korea?

  • You should first prepare a tourist visa; if you do not have one, you must go through the visa application process. Because traveling to Korea is time-consuming, you should do so as soon as possible.
  • You should first learn some basic communication sentences in Korean tourism; you may be confident in your English skills, but not all Koreans are fluent in foreign languages.
  • Prepare to book Korean airline tickets early; reserve the entire hotel room for your stay. Purchase a 4G Korean SIM card to facilitate WiFi broadcasting (if there are many people traveling together)…
  • Prepare clothing, personal hygiene items, and medication… some hotels or accommodations will have the items available, but not everywhere, or they will charge a high fee to use them.
  • To facilitate shopping and payment, exchange a small amount of cash in advance for Won par value.
  • You should dress appropriately for your trip to Korea based on the time of year. For example, if the temperature is between 22 and 30 degrees Celsius in the summer (June to September), you should wear thin, cool clothing. Winter (December to February) calls for warm clothing.

How to travel to Korean tourism?

Korea currently has 18 airports, including six major international airports: Incheon and Gimpo (both in Seoul); Gimhae (in Busan); Jeju (on Jeju Island); Yangyang (in Gangwon Province); and Muan Airport (Muan City).

Depending on the destination, you can choose the most convenient airport. There are many airlines for you to choose from such as Emirates Airlines, United Airlines, and American Airlines… Remember to check the international immigration regulations too.

Some places worth visiting in Korean tourism

Seoul Capital

Seoul is a romantic city on the Han River. This location is appealing due to the numerous famous buildings and architecture, ranging from classic to modern. You can visit Gyeongbokgung Palace – built in 1395 with many unique features of ancient royal architecture – while in Seoul. Namsan Tower is also a popular tourist destination with a terrace area where lovers can hang love keychains.

Jeju Island 

Jeju, known as the “love paradise” in Korean tourism, is the largest island in Kim Chi, with large-sized volcanic rocks of all shapes and sizes. You can visit many beautiful landscapes on Jeju Island, such as Halla mountain, Seopjikoji coastline, and Seongsan IIchulbong mountain… or a variety of specialty dishes such as black pork, tangerine, fish, seafood, and so on.

Nami Island

The island is named after a shogun who served with distinction in the 13th century and is located in the middle of the North Han River. Nami Island was the main setting for the famous film “Winter Sonata.” This location has pleasant weather, especially in the autumn, and the scenery is breathtaking, with romantic brilliant yellow. Not to mention the numerous specialty dishes available, including grilled meat, seafood, and fried boneless chicken with cabbage…


This is Korea’s largest port city, and it is well-known for its many beautiful beaches. Not only the sea, but Busan also “treats” visitors with many famous landscapes such as Haeundae Beach, Korea’s most famous beach, attracting many visitors every year, or Busan Tower, Korea’s second tallest tower, from which you can see the entire city of Busan, or Gamcheon Cultural Village, which has houses of extremely vibrant colors and designs. Haedong Yonggungsa Temple, built in 1376, is Korea’s oldest temple.

Check out the extremely attractive ‘must try’ dishes in Korea

Kim Chi

This is Korea’s ‘national’ dish, made from cabbage and flavored with an appealing spicy flavor. Many other dishes, such as kimchi rice and kimchi soup, can be made from it…

BBQ Meat 

Grilled meat is a popular dish in Korea, and it has a delicious flavor. When served with a variety of raw vegetables, this dish is extremely nutritious.

Tteokbokki (rice cake) 

The cake is made of rice flour, shaped into long balls, and stewed with red peppers and onions to give it a distinct orange-red color; the flavor is delicious.

Mixed rice 

This dish combines white rice, meat, eggs, and vegetables. Despite its simplicity, it is extremely popular in Korean tourism.

Gimbap rice rolls 

Rice rolls are one of Korea’s oldest dishes, consisting of rice, fried eggs, carrots, tuna, and pickled radish wrapped in dried seaweed leaves and eaten with soy sauce.

Pork belly 

Pig blood, barley, spices, and tapioca noodles are used to make this dish. Frequently eaten with Tteokbokki in sidewalk cafes and pubs…

Things to avoid doing when you are in Korean tourism

  • Do not stare or point at others with your finger.
  • When traveling by subway, do not talk or laugh too loudly.
  • If you visit the temple, remember to leave your shoes outside before entering, and dress modestly and politely.


So, together, we have finished exploring the tips for traveling to Korean tourism. Before planning for the trip to Korea, remember to carefully take notes of what we have mentioned above because they could save you big time when you first visit this place of wonder. We wish you a great trip for yourself and your loved ones!