Saudi Visa Requirements for Greek and Hungarian Citizens


Traveling to foreign countries has become increasingly common in today’s globalized world. Saudi Arabia, with its rich cultural heritage and economic significance, has emerged as a popular destination for both tourists and business travelers. For Greek and Hungarian citizens, exploring the marvels of Saudi Arabia has been made more accessible with simplified visa requirements. In this article, we will delve into the Saudi visa process for Greek and Hungarian citizens, making it easier for potential travelers to embark on their journey to this captivating Middle Eastern nation.

Saudi Visa for Greek Citizens

Saudi Arabia offers various types of visas to Greek citizens, depending on the purpose of their visit. Whether it is for tourism, business, work, or visiting family and friends, Greek nationals can now experience Saudi Arabia’s wonders with a streamlined SAUDI VISA FOR GREEK CITIZENS application process.

1.1 Tourist Visa for Greek Citizens

Greek citizens keen on discovering Saudi Arabia’s diverse landscapes, historical sites, and vibrant culture can apply for a tourist visa. The tourist visa is typically issued for a short duration and allows travelers to explore the country’s tourist destinations.

1.2 Business Visa for Greek Citizens

For Greek entrepreneurs and professionals looking to engage in business activities in Saudi Arabia, the business visa provides an avenue to attend meetings, conferences, and explore business opportunities within the country.

1.3 Family Visit Visa for Greek Citizens

The family visit visa allows Greek citizens with relatives residing in Saudi Arabia to visit and spend quality time with their loved ones. The visa process ensures that family bonds remain strong despite geographical distances.

Saudi Visa for Hungarian Citizens

Saudi Arabia extends its warm hospitality to Hungarian citizens, inviting them to experience the nation’s diverse landscapes, rich traditions, and modern developments. The SAUDI VISA FOR HUNGARIAN CITIZENS requirements for Hungarian citizens are designed to facilitate a smooth entry into the country.

2.1 Tourist Visa for Hungarian Citizens

Hungarian citizens with a thirst for adventure and exploration can obtain a tourist visa to witness the marvels of Saudi Arabia. From ancient archaeological sites to breathtaking natural wonders, Saudi Arabia offers a mesmerizing experience to every traveler.

2.2 Business Visa for Hungarian Citizens

Hungarian business professionals seeking to engage in commercial activities or collaborations with Saudi Arabian companies can apply for a business visa, fostering international partnerships and economic growth.

2.3 Family Visit Visa for Hungarian Citizens

Hungarian citizens with relatives residing in Saudi Arabia can reunite with their family members through the family visit visa, creating cherished memories and strengthening familial ties.

Visa Application Process

Both Greek and Hungarian citizens can apply for Saudi visas through the Saudi Arabian embassy or consulate in their respective countries. The Saudi government has also introduced an online visa application system, simplifying the process and reducing processing times.

Applicants are typically required to provide the following documents:

A valid passport with a minimum validity of six months

Passport-sized photographs meeting specific guidelines

Completed visa application form

Proof of travel itinerary (flight bookings, hotel reservations, etc.)

Proof of sufficient funds to cover the stay in Saudi Arabia

Supporting documents based on the visa type (invitation letters for business visas, family-related documents for family visit visas, etc.)

Visa on Arrival for Greek and Hungarian Citizens

In a bid to boost tourism and foster international relations, Saudi Arabia also offers a visa-on-arrival option for citizens of certain countries, including Greece and Hungary. Travelers opting for this convenient option can obtain their visas upon arrival at the designated entry points in Saudi Arabia.


With simplified visa procedures and a wide range of visa options, Saudi Arabia warmly welcomes Greek and Hungarian citizens to explore its diverse landscapes and immerse themselves in its rich cultural heritage. Whether it’s for tourism, business, or visiting family, embarking on a journey to Saudi Arabia is now more accessible than ever. As the world becomes more interconnected, initiatives like these foster international friendships and strengthen global bonds between nations.