Smart Tips to Reduce EMI of Your Existing Personal Loan

With no risk to your assets, personal loans are an excellent option to satisfy your financial needs. Personal loans can be obtained for a variety of purposes, including addressing an emergency or advancing your aspirations. You receive cash and can carefully arrange your finances in accordance with your demands thanks to the very flexible personal loan repayment options offered by the nation’s top lenders.

We all want to save money right now. A rupee saved is unquestionably a rupee earned, after all. Consequently, it makes sense to ponder how to lower the EMI on an existing personal loan. You can lessen your total financial stress and spend the money you save by lowering your loan EMIs.

So, here are five practical ways to lower the EMI of personal loans.

Get the right loan amount

The EMI you must pay directly relates to the amount of money you borrow through a loan. Therefore, getting the proper loan amount is the simplest method to get an EMI that meets your budget. Only borrow money for costs that are truly required and that you are unable to cover on your own. Do not ask for a loan for a bigger amount than you actually need, even if you have a decent credit score and are qualified to receive one. Being wise while borrowing money can make it simple for you to repay your debt. Please be aware that you can only modify the amount of your personal loan before the lender disburses the funds. So before beginning the loan application procedure, it is best to make a thorough list of all the expenses you need to pay with the loan amount.

Choose the right loan tenure

Your personal loan tenure has an inverse relationship with your monthly payment. The EMI you must pay decreases with the length of the repayment period. Now, keep in mind that you can pay more in interest with a longer-term loan. You must select a shorter tenure with higher EMIs if you wish to avoid paying interest to the lender. To keep the payments manageable, consider a longer term for your personal loan EMI if larger EMIs would not fit in your monthly budget. Before applying for the loan, try to sketch out your monthly expenses and schedule your EMI payments accordingly.

Do not miss your EMI due dates

The interest rate you pay on loans is heavily influenced by your credit score. Missing your EMI payments will lower your rating and make getting a loan in the future more difficult. As a result of the penalty for late payments, the subsequent EMI becomes more expensive. Making a note of the deadline for EMI payment will help you avoid these fines. As an alternative, you can decide to use the bank’s automatic payment mechanism. As the money is automatically debited in this manner, you do not need to manually recall your due date each month.

Calculate the EMI before taking the loan

Obtaining a loan is an easy process. You may easily get a personal loan approved with only a few clicks and minimal paperwork. This ease, though, can cause you to make hasty choices regarding the size of your loan. Therefore, it is best to perform accurate loan calculations and arrange your funds, EMI schedule, and loan terms before beginning the application process. To make it simple for you to estimate the monthly payment and interest rate on your debt, many lenders also offer an online personal loan EMI calculator. The lender’s website has access to these user-friendly, free online loan calculators.

Personal loan for debt consolidation

To satisfy your financial needs in the past, you might have needed to borrow money from several different lenders. You could lose a significant amount of money each month if you have to pay interest on a number of smaller loans. Maintaining track of numerous different EMI payments can be very difficult, and you run the risk of accruing late fees. By taking out a personal loan to pay off all of your existing debt, you may avoid all of these inconveniences. You may easily manage your EMI payments and pay off your debts rapidly as a result. A smart option to reduce the overall EMI amount you have to pay each month is to consolidate your debts.


Make sure to carefully consider how much you borrow and to make all required loan repayments. You could reduce your EMI payments and raise your credit score by doing this. Make all the calculations before applying for a personal loan in order to pay the lowest EMI possible. Learn everything there is to know about your finances, then design a plan to make loan repayments easily. Consider purchasing loan protection insurance if you decide to take out a higher-value personal loan.