Things to consider when buying Mens Leather Briefcases

Is the birthday of the special person around? Are you thinking of giving something that is a timeless classic? Then, the best gifting option for your man is the leather briefcase. It is stylish, useful, and durable also. The properly chosen briefcase is the extension of a personal style. Thus, when it comes to buying a briefcase made of leather for your man, make sure to consider certain things.

Materials used for manufacturing

The better the quality of the skin, the more durable Mens Leather Briefcases will be. All the component that makes up the fine leather briefcase wears with time including the buckles, snaps, zipper, strap fittings, locks, handles, and other metallic components. Replacing the parts of the briefcase is quite expensive, so invest a hefty amount for buying the best quality. As the saying goes “Quantity over Quality” indeed holds the truth.

Choose the appropriate one

The briefcase that you choose must reflect the lifestyle and the personality and taste of the user. Two distinctive styles of Men’s Leather Briefcasesare there: the hard-sided attaché case and soft-sided attaché case.

The hard-sided ones have lightweight frame that is made up of aluminium, cardboard, or plastic. It has folders and dividers for keeping things inside organized and comes with a handle only, without shoulder straps.

The soft-sided ones come with no top framing and are normally used for carrying documents and laptops. Some of the soft-sided briefcases even come with a lock because the materials used for manufacturing are susceptible to theft.


It is not rocket science to identify any flaws in the briefcase. You can spot it easily if you have an eye for detail. Some of the symbols of quality artistry include are as follows:

  • Classy stitching with no loose threads
  • Metallic zipper and not the plastic ones
  • Rust free sturdy hinges
  • Securely fixed handles

Space and compartment

The compact and slim briefcase can deceive you. Thus, before you proceed to buy, you should think wisely about which purpose you are using it. The briefcase that you would like to purchase must have enough compartments. It will keep things organized way and will be easy to access. When the briefcase will be used for travelling purposes, it should have compartments where the passport, boarding pass, wallet, and other necessary items can be stored.

Weight and size

The concept bigger is better is not applicable to Mens Leather Briefcases.  Unless one needs to carry more files and documents, an individual does not need to carry a big bag everywhere. It is indeed an uncomfortable experience for carrying heavy loads without any reason. A briefcase normally has a height between 11-13inches, width between 15-17inches, and depth of 4-6 inches.

Colour and tanning process

You should look for a briefcase that is tanned naturally. The environmentally friendly process of tanning takes time but it makes the leather stronger than the leather produced by the chrome tanning process. Tree bark and other natural ingredients for tanning help in preserving versatility and quality.

Colour to choose

When it comes to buying the leather attaché case, there are three different colours to choose from: tan, brown, and black. Black and brown are perfectly suitable for the workplace while tan and other lighter colours are for relaxed and casual occasions outside the workplace.

It is not a necessity that the belt and colour of the shoes should match the colour of the briefcase. One can pair the dark bag with tanned shoes. Choose a reputed brand for buying the best quality briefcase that will last for a lifetime. It is a timeless classic in a true sense.