Don’t Choose Arbitrarily, These are Tips for Choosing a Travel Agent!

Tips for Choosing a Travel Agent – Who doesn’t want a vacation? Holidays are a time to look forward to. It seems that almost everyone in this world likes vacation time. Holidays bring crowds to all tourist attractions, both local and foreign.

There are 2 options when you want to go on vacation. The first is to take a vacation independently, that is, you don’t use a service that takes care of your entire vacation, such as a travel agent. The second is vacation using a travel agent.

Of the two options, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. On an independent vacation, you can better manage your time at tourist destinations. You can independently arrange holiday preparations like hotel reservations, tourist attraction tickets, transportation, and more. rists.

Travel agents also take care of vacation preparations and holidays, so you don’t have to. But the drawback is that you cannot freely manage your vacation time and there is also a small additional fee to pay for the travel agent’s services.

But the costs you incur and the services you get will be comparable to your satisfaction while on vacation with a travel agent. Eitsss, but don’t be tempted by low travel agent prices—they may be fake travel agents. At present there are indeed many cases of fraud by fake travel agents, you have to be smart in choosing a travel agent.

Reported by Vacation Indonesia, here are some tips on choosing a travel agent.

Officially Registered

Every person or group of people who have a business, should be officially registered with a certain related institution or government. This is so that the business entity has legal force. Besides that, of course a legal business entity will gain more consumer trust.

If the travel agent is legally registered as a provider of travel facilities, then the travel agent has the potential for less fraud, of course.

But that’s not enough, you also have to pay attention to their track record, who the clients they have handled and the testimonials that support the credibility of the travel agent.

Have a Clear Location

The second tip is that you have to find out the location of the travel agent. Even though today’s travel agent business is mostly done online, you still need to ensure its existence. Place or business address is an important part of a business to make it professional and trustworthy.

You must know the location of the travel agent’s office. You can open Google Maps and search for the name of the travel agent. High ratings and good reviews from customers will support the credibility of the travel agent.

That way, you have minimized the risk so you don’t experience losses due to being left out or other possible fraud.

Its Credibility is Proven

Choose a travel agent carefully and be careful even if you are in a hurry. Staying alert is one of the things you should pay attention to. You must know the background of the travel agent company so you don’t choose the wrong one.

This credibility explains how related travel agents run their business, are they professional and experienced or do they still often disappoint their clients


The fourth tip is that you need to pay attention to the transparency of the travel agent, such as openness when making payments. They will be open about the price and facilities you will get. Travel agents who do not hide any information from you certainly have little potential for fraud.

For example, they will explain the package details very clearly. They also will not cover up prices or terms and conditions that apply.


A good travel agent is a responsive travel agent. Responsive here means being quick to respond in serving clients or customers both via e-mail, telephone and live chat.

One of the main things that a client needs is a bond between him and the service provider, here is a travel agent. Travel agents who are quick to respond will be a plus in the hearts of clients.

If there is a problem, this travel agent can fix it right away, so clients don’t need to feel upset if their trip or vacation has a problem.

This proves that they will not run away and are ready to help their clients in any difficulties and problems.

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