Top 3 benefits of using video conferencing Zoom

 What exactly is Zoom?

Zoom happens to be a platform similar to Skype that helps users to interact with one another. These 2 are so similar that it will be almost impossible for you to differentiate between them unless you end up using them in the long run. The creators of the video conferencing Zoom application claim that it will provide you with a plethora of benefits, and we have presented this article to you for justifying this claim in the best possible way.

1. Accessibility

It is a fact that virtually everybody will be capable of using Zoom irrespective of his or her age or gender. On top of this, you will be able to participate in conferences and meetings with the help of a few clicks only. This is unlike most other platforms that come with lots of protocols. It is also easy to create a meeting apart from joining it. 

2. Simplicity of usage

One more notable advantage of using Zoom is that it is simple to use. This will allow you to use this platform without having any prior knowledge whatsoever. Below, we have mentioned some features that help to make Zoom easy to use.

•             Simple combinations – Setting up a meeting in the majority of the other platforms is not very easy since you will need to combine certain configurations. However, this is not the case with Zoom.

•             The interface of Zoom is quite simple and anyone can use it easily. The buttons are very simple, and these will not make you confused in the long run.

•             Technical assistance – If you face any issue with the platform, the technical support will provide you with assistance for solving your problems.

3. Audio-visual features

It is a fact that Zoom is used by lots of court reporters in Orange County at present. The platform can boast of having lots of features or tools for enhancing the audio-visual user experience. These tools are known as video conferencing tools that will aid in the production of top-notch audio and video while the conference is going on.  Here, we have mentioned some advantages related to audio-visual:

•             Flexible recordings – It will be feasible to record the meetings in a couple of formats when it comes to Zoom. 

•             Multiple screen views – One can select from different views. For example, there are the gallery view and the full-screen view that can be configured by the user according to his preferences.

•             Voice detection – Zoom has the rare ability to identify the person who is speaking that helps to make the conference more organized in the long run.


You will come across quite a few platforms at present that helps us in communicating. One of them happens to be video conferencing Zoom which provides us with lots of features, unlike the majority of the similar platforms out there.