Turning Your Gold into Cash: The Top Gold Buyers in Australia

Gold is a profitable asset. You can invest in its various different investment products varied in sizes including bars, coins, ingots, biscuits etc. These products of different sizes also allow you to carry them around so you can sell them at any time you want. 

Gold is a different kind of investment. It is a metal that can be both stored and traded. It keeps its value constant and acts as a good protector against inflation or any financial crisis. 

You can buy and sell gold by taking a look at the following listed gold dealing companies. Read the blog until the end to find a good gold broker to turn your gold into money. 

Where To Sell Your Gold In Australia?

You can invest in gold in various ways; by buying gold bullion, exchanging funds, gold futures and more. Selling worn-out or unwanted scrap gold is also a good option to get urgent cash for your gold. 

Selling gold is a sensitive process that involves different kinds of scams and fraud. To avoid this, you have to deal with a relevant and professional gold buyer. Make sure to take every step in the selling procedure carefully.

Here are listed some of the reputable gold buyers in Australia. They are efficient and always prefer paying in cash. 

Gold Buyers Online

Gold Buyers Online is an authentic gold dealing company in Australia that operates online. Their online mail delivery services make them unique among other gold dealers. 

They will buy your unwanted old or worn-out gold at good prices. Whether you are selling your scrap jewellery including gold bracelets, pendants, or gold watches, Gold Buyers Online will buy your gold according to its value. 

You can also buy gold bullion from Gold Buyers Online and will receive your package within 24 hours. 

If you are looking for an online buyer to sell gold “near me” at competitive prices, Gold Buyers Online is a reliable option to deal with.

Gold Secure

Gold Secure is a gold dealer in Australia, operating for 30 years. They offer multiple gold bullion products and also buy gold at good prices. Whether you are going to sell the gold you have invested a long time ago or just want to sell that unwanted jewellery that you are keeping in your drawer for years. By identifying the value of your gold, Gold Secure offers proper prices for your precious gold. 

Their most dealt gold products include bars, minted bars, cast bars, silver coins, and platinum products. You can also invest in their Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF). 

The Gold King

The Gold King company is relevant for those who want to turn their gold into cash on an urgent basis. You can easily get more money by only selling your gold bullion that is taking up an unimportant space in your locker. Payment usually for larger amounts is transmitted via banks.  

They have been operating since 2007 and have gained the trust and a reputation for their reliability. They are also popular on Australia’s Gold Coast because of their good relationships with refineries. 

They identify your gold value through their efficient machinery and pay according to the current gold’s value in Australia. 

Brisbane Gold Company

Brisbane Gold Company is a respected gold broker in Australia because it buys your gold regardless of its condition. By visiting their store in Brisbane, you can sell your gold and they will pay you for all of your items in cash. They deal with both gold and silver bullion.

According to their positive ratings and reviews, they are among the best gold buyers brisbane


Gold investments always offer a good return after the investment. If you require some urgent money or want to save it for some reason, gold is a good idea to invest in. Gold is also a good source of wealth because it barely decreases its value. Throughout the whole history of the metal, it has always been an admired and loved investment and currency. 

If you require financial cover for your basic needs, gold will be great for making your life good. Also, it is a hedge against inflation and other economic circumstances in the country.