Types of Modern Kitchen Cabinets Toronto

Kitchen cabinets are very important things, these work as storage in the place. You can keep utensils, kitchen tools, dry foods, and other things in there. Every kitchen needs proper cabinets so the user can have the required things while cooking. If you are looking for modern cabinets, you will get various designs. So, before you opt for a modern kitchen system you can look at the various types of cabinets available in Toronto.


Louvered cabinets are available with horizontal wooden pieces and it’s a bit expensive too. The design is similar to windows, interior doors, and furniture pieces, these modern kitchen cabinets Toronto can add a different style to your kitchen.

These cabinets are good for spaces and require ventilation because most doors of this style have spaces between the slats. Remember this when you are looking for cabinet doors near clothes drying cabinets in the laundry room, a pantry cabinet, or near a radiator.

Flat-Panel cabinets

This type of cabinet is also known as the slab cabinet, these are very simple looking yet elegant. This style of cabinets offers minimalist form and hard lines and lacks some details. The appearance is of a simple flat panel which makes it a good fit for modern and contemporary kitchens.

Flat-Panel cabinets are constructed in various ways. The main and consistent feature of these cabinets is that it has no frames. These are solid slabs. You can have this type for your modern kitchen cabinets Toronto.

Distressed cabinets

If you are looking for an antique style, you may want to go for distressed-style kitchen cabinets. This style is available from most manufacturers, and these cabinets are a good fit with any door style with the rubbed-off corners and other distressing techniques to have the old feel.


Want a rustic look in your kitchen? You can get that from Beadboard-style cabinets. In this style, each cabinet offers a unique look to other styles, such as flat kitchen cabinets. The look and texture of this style have a finishing of cottage and country farmhouse. You will get all-white cabinets that will look perfect in the farmhouse-style kitchen. However, you have to check the cracks in the style, which can be hard to clean.

Custom cabinets

If you are unable to find the desired cabinet style in the stores that you want in your modern kitchen, you can opt for custom kitchen cabinets Toronto. You can get in touch with the local craftsperson or designer to create your personalized designs for kitchen cabinets.


This is the most common style for kitchen cabinets. This style has five wooden pieces of flat panels, which creates the frame with a single flat center panel and four pieces. This is a popular choice for customers of kitchen cabinets, just for its classic and simple look.

These cabinets have common characteristics including, utilitarian designs, durable construction with quality wood, and paneled doors that fit with rail frames. When it comes to the material of this type of kitchen cabinet, you will find that these are made of high-quality wood. The wood types commonly used in the shaker style are quartersawn oak, hickory, maple, and cherry.

There are also types like inset, thermofoil, and many more. You can choose the kitchen cabinet styles from this article too. Make sure to get the product from a reliable vendor in Toronto.