Types Of Software Testing Tools | Learn The Benefits

What do you understand about testing? We’d say it’s a process to test something, to check out features and flaws of a product or service. Software testing tools work on the same principle and help the development team maintain the software’s requirements using various software testing tools and ensure customer satisfaction.

Let us briefly share what software testing is before moving to the types of software testing tools.

Software Testing

Software testing, in general terms, means checking out the software. It’s the process of testing the features of the software, how well they are working, if the output matches the command, the software works according to the customer’s demands and finding any kind of bugs, errors, and malfunctions in the software. Software testing needs a whole lot of time and energy to make sure the product delivered is reliable and secure and to ensure things go easily, various types of software testing tools are brought to use.

Software Testing Tools

Software testing tools are of various types that target different areas and vary in objectives. Below mentioned are the different types of tools used in software testing to make the testing process easier and more reliable.

Test Plan Management Tool

Test planning is the first step toward the testing process and the test plan management software/tool ensures that things go as planned. It streamlines and tracks multiple tasks at any given time, reporting real-time data. 


  • Supports in making an effective test plan document
  • Helps store information on testing procedures such as how testing has to be conducted
  • Results in the consistency and repeatability of the testing process
  • Reduces the duplication of the data
  • Helps improve the software performance
  • Streamlines tracking of various tasks
  • Reports real-time data and is flexible

Examples: Testforma, Quality Center, RTH, Test Pad

Bug tracking tool

Detecting errors and bugs in the software are one of the most important responsibilities of the testing team and bug-detecting tools help with just that. These tools not only detect the bugs and errors but also keep track of them and ensure that they are fixed, ensuring secure software and improved product performance.


  • Helps detect errors and bugs in the software
  • Measures the scope of bugs and errors
  • Determines the bug’s impact
  • Helps detect the bug fixing
  • Results in a secure software
  • Saves later fixing cost
  • Improves the performance of the software

Examples: Jira, Bugzilla, Redmine, Backlog

Automation testing tool

An automation testing tool is what it sounds like, a tool that reduces manual human involvement, helps the team by automating the testing needs of software, and conducts tests consistently, ultimately enhancing the performance of the software.


  • Lessens the number of manually conducted test cases
  • Require less time to conduct the testing
  • Consumption of lower amount of resource
  • Can repeatedly and consistently conduct tests
  • Increases the performance of the software by decreasing manually neglected errors

Examples: Selenium, QTP, Watir, Telerik Studio

Performance testing tool

Performance testing tools help in testing the performance of the software under different criteria, including speed, stability, compatibility, and scalability. You can use one of the different performance testing tools to test these categories. Performance testing tools can be commercial and open source. These tools check whether the software is working fast, performing as it was meant to, performing well under real-time load & environment, and checking what devices the software is compatible with. 


  • Tests the software for its speed, stability, and scalability
  • Identifying stability of software under different applied loads
  • Eliminates performance barriers
  • Ensures software performance
  • Eliminates the place for human errors

Examples: Apache JMeter, LoadRunner [HP], LoadComplete


We agree that software testing is no easy topic due to its vastness, but we believe that you can and will ace it. Software testing tools help the testers with different purposes like checking software performance or detecting bugs. We have listed all important details for you to follow, in case of further queries, drop a comment below.

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