Vape Bar Devices | Primary Categories & Suitable Vaping Pods

The variety of vapes now on the market frequently overwhelms and confuses new vapers. When discussing the variety of Volt Bar vape pens, box mods, and other devices made to accommodate specific substances or vaping practices, even seasoned users can become perplexed. Your uncertainty is not unique to you.

The range of devices you might find while shopping for a vape is described here by vaping professionals. You may really cut down your options while looking for your first vape by using these explanations (or even a second or third device). After finishing reading, you’ll have gained some expertise of your own.

Primary categories of vapes

  • Nicotine vapes 

Portable lithium-ion battery-powered devices called nicotine vapes are used to simulate the smoking experience without combustion. Options for nicotine content range from 0% to 5%, and flavours include sweets, tobacco, and unflavoured.

  • Cannabis/CBD vapes 

Small, portable battery-operated or larger desktop devices that heat the substance using batteries or electrical power sources. These devices can be used with concentrates or dry herbs, as well as with THC, CBD, or other botanicals.

Other compounds are vaped by users. Some brave souls even decide to vaporise coffee, similar to numerous plants and vitamins. The equipment utilised in these activities and items are the same as those used in the vaping of nicotine or cannabis; they are simply different chemicals that “function” in the same devices.

Most common variety of vaporisers currently in use:


Since vapes were initially created to help people give up smoking traditional tobacco, e-cigarettes are the original type of vape pen. They have the tiniest vaping design currently on the market because they are designed to feel and look like cigarettes.

E-cigarettes typically lack functionality because they are so little. They are almost always disposable and almost always have a draw-fire design (which we will talk about in the next section).

Pod Vapes

Pod vapes are among the most useful vaping devices on the market. Similar to an e-cigarette, a pod vape typically consists of two parts: a battery and a changeable, frequently refillable pod. Pod vapes typically perform better than the majority of conventional e-cigarettes while still being incredibly economical and simple to use. They are a very effective vape for nicotine delivery because they also work perfectly with nicotine salt e-liquid.

CBD vape pen

The conventional vape pen design is known to the majority of new vapers. It has a cylindrical battery that connects to oil cartridges via 510 threading. Although 510-skinny refillable cartridges are available for those who don’t mind the refilling process, these cartridges are often disposable.

Any kind of vape pen that can hold CBD e-juice is a refillable CBD vape pen. It often features a tank that connects to a battery for charging. They offer a straightforward, practical pen-style form factor and are typically more compact and lighter than the typical mod and tank set-up. Some of them offer a tight mouth-to-lung draw, while others are appropriate for direct-lung vaping.

Which kind of vape should you purchase?

Although this is a frequently asked question, it is rarely addressed for you. It will always be a matter of preference. Your demands, your financial situation, and your willingness to fiddle with electronics are most crucial. In spite of how superficial it may seem, you should also think about the device’s appearance and size. You can practically eliminate half of your possibilities if a large, heavy equipment does not suit your lifestyle. Of course, if you don’t have a tight budget or don’t care about pocketability, the same applies.

The bottom line is that there’s probably a great Voltbar vaping device out there for you if you’re interested in vaping as an alternative to smoking! I hope this information helped you get a little bit closer to discovering it.