What Size Rug Is Required for a Bedroom?

Choosing the ideal rug for a bedroom may give it a lot more opulent vibe. Choosing the right size can be difficult. We’ve gathered some guidelines on bedroom rug sizes, regardless of whether you’ve recently moved in or are updating your bedroom. Two factors decide the dimensions of the rugs. 

Your room’s dimensions are the first thing you need to know. The space should be measured for both length and width. Next, choose the location for the furniture. Most importantly, that includes your bed and any furniture in your room. Given its size, the bed is the most crucial component. 

Try shifting it to each wall to determine where it will fit with a bedside table. Which wall do you feel is the proper one? When you see it, you’ll recognize it. After that, you can concentrate on choosing the rug’s location and size.

Bedroom rugs come in three different styles: (1) full coverage, (2) partial coverage under the bed, and (3) rug(s) alongside the bed. However, an 8×10 rug is one of the best choices for covering a full bed. To pick the best, follow our guide below.

Complete Coverage Rug under the Bed in the Bedroom

A large enough rug to go almost under the bed is my preferred style for a bedroom rug. Most of the room is covered by this rug, including under the bed and the other furniture positioned against the wall. If you have any sitting, the front two legs of the chairs, or the entire chair, should ideally rest on the rug.

If you want a rug that covers the entire area, you should measure 12 to 18 inches from the wall. Knowing this measurement can help you choose the right-sized carpeting for your bedroom. Rugs come in conventional sizes, so pick the nearest one; for complete coverage, 8 x 10 or 9 × 12 rugs work best. Round and square rugs don’t look as good in a bedroom.

An 8×10 rug would work best in your bedroom if you want to add a rug that covers the entire area under your bed. You can purchase 8×10 area rugs from the Rug Gallery in Columbus, Ohio, at a very affordable price!

Consider the room’s other furnishings. Do you want the rug to go beneath the dresser if you have one? If the rug is thick, I prefer not to have it partially under a dresser because it feels uneven. Consider chairs and nightstands. Your nightstand’s front can rest on the rug or 6–12 inches in front of it for a complete coverage appearance.

Aim to place the front legs of any chairs in a bedroom with a seating area ON the rug. Although it requires a large rug, the space feels cozier.

Rugs Next To the Bed on Either Side

With this less-priced option, you still get a comfortable surface to step out of bed. If you have two twin beds, you can place a rug in the space between them. Area rugs next to the bed are also a fantastic option for small apartments.

This option requires you to purchase two rugs for each side of the bed. They should not go under the bed and be the same size. It matters less whether you use various sizes if you can’t see both sides of the bed when you glance around the room.

If your bedroom is tiny and rectangular, this rug arrangement works well. If you have two identical rugs, it will look the finest.

Rug Partially Under the Bed             

You should position the rug at least two-thirds of the way under the bed if you don’t want to spend the money on a full-coverage rug but still like the notion of having your bed on top of the rug. Thanks to this, you still have something to step onto in the morning.

What Rug Size Is Best?

The bed’s size is crucial because it is the bedroom’s focal point.

Queen – A typical queen-sized bed measures 60 inches in width by 80 inches in height. It would help if you choose a rug at least 6 feet by 9 feet to stick out on both sides of the bed and fit beneath the mattress. If it will fit in your room, an 8×10 is preferable.

King – A typical king-size bed measures 76 inches in width by 80 inches in height. A 912 works even better if it fits in your space, but an 810 will do for now.

Although these are broad guidelines based on bed size, you should also consider the room size.


The right-sized rug may turn your bedroom from a cold space into a warm, inviting retreat. You will need to give it a try to tell the difference. In winter, when you will step outside onto a chilly concrete surface, you won’t regret it.