Which Baby Lotion is Best for Baby Beauty

Compared with body oil and body cream, mothers prefer to use body lotion for their babies. This is because body lotion products have the same ingredients as creams, but their biggest feature is their high water content Boots Discount Code NHS.

The water content of lotions will be twice as high as that of the same cream. In addition to quickly replenishing moisture to the skin, it can also construct a layer of moisturizing sebum film for the skin to prevent moisture loss, and this “water-locking function” is one of the most important functions of emulsions, which is why body lotion is more Reasons why it is popular with mothers.

Which baby lotion is best? After all, baby’s skin is very fragile, so when choosing moisturizing products, remember to choose branded products, and pay attention to its formula ingredients, such as weak acid formula Boots Discount Code NHS.

In addition, most adult skin care products contain additives such as fragrances, pigments and alcohol that are not found in baby skin care products. Therefore, do not use adult skin care products for your baby at least under 1 year old.

Babies often rub their eyes, and these ingredients in adult skin care products can be irritating. It is best to apply body lotion to your baby just after taking a bath, because the baby’s body is still warm after washing, the pores are open, and the body is well hydrated. It is most easily absorbed when the baby is half dry.

The method of using moisturizing products is actually particular, especially when using them for babies. How to use the body lotion: first pour an appropriate amount of lotion into the palm Boots Discount Code NHS.

If the baby’s skin is too dry, you can apply more, and less on the “t”-shaped area. If you apply too much, mother can gently press with facial tissue to absorb excess oil eBay Discount Code NHS.

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Baby Body Lotion

The baby’s skin is delicate, the keratinized layer of the skin is thin, the skin lacks elasticity, and the ability to defend against external forces is poor.

When it is subjected to a slight external Below, the editor reminds mothers of the main points that should be paid attention to in daily life for baby care force, it will be damaged, and the skin is easily infected after damage Amazon Discount Code NHS.

Therefore, the baby’s clothing, shoes and socks Properly avoid all factors that may damage the skin. It is best for mothers to apply body lotion to the baby after bathing the baby, which can reduce the friction on the skin surface.

Indeed, there is no doubt about their worries. The body lotions of many businesses are really not good for babies. The key lies in how mothers choose body lotion for their babies.

Is it good for babies to use body lotion? I believe that many mothers who use moisturizing products for their babies for the first time will have such doubts.

In fact, there is no need to worry too much. For the first time, any skin care products for babies should be applied on the baby’s little hands for the first time. Look If there is no allergic reaction, if the baby does not feel uncomfortable for two days, mothers can safely use it for the baby.

How to Buy Baby Lotion

Nowadays, many parents use special baby lotion for their babies. But there are so many kinds of body lotion on the market, do you know how to choose? Let’s learn how to choose baby body lotion together Baby Products.

Main Point

clean. When you wake up in the morning, wipe your baby’s face with a soft towel or gauze soaked in warm water. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the facial features.

Don’t wipe your baby’s face with a rough towel, let alone clean your baby with alkaline soap. Take a warm bath for your baby before going to bed every night. Which can not only cleanse, but also moisturize the skin, effectively preventing the appearance of red buttocks.

It is best to use a baby body wash containing plant ingredients such as calendula, golden chamomile and oat leaf, which is mainly mild and non-irritating to the skin. Mothers can search for baby skin care products on Baidu.

Moisturize. In addition to letting the baby drink more water, parents should gently apply a small wet towel to the baby’s lips every day to allow the lips to fully absorb the water, and then apply special lip balm or sesame oil for the baby. After cleaning the face, apply body lotion in time to moisturize.

After bathing, dry the baby’s body in time, then warm the body lotion with your hands. And apply it gently on the baby to lock the skin, required moisture

sun protection. The skin of newborns is very delicate and fragile, so parents should avoid excessive exposure of babies to sunlight. Especially strong sunlight, when going out.