Why a Mouse bungee is Useful to Use

If you are using a wired mouse, you may be facing issues such as your wire getting caught on something, dragging on your desk, or ruining your flicks while playing games. Not only can this be very annoying but you may lose the game if you are in the midst of a final gunfight. Fortunately, you can fix this issue of wire untangling and this is mouse bungee. Mouse bungees are very effective and that is the reason they are commonly used by gamers and other people who are fed up with wire untangling. Although they are an excellent fix for your mouse cords that are stuck on your desk, are they worth the price? Let’s try to answer this question in this article but first get the idea of what a mouse bungee is.

What is a Mouse Bungee?

A device that handles your mouse wires is called a mouse bungee. It can be both; basic like solid support that secures the mouse wire or super sophisticated. You will be surprised to know that the use of this device is not new. Back in the 1990s, they were very common in offices and among gamers but could not withstand the test of time and lost their appeal. But now they are again capturing the imagination of gamers and other users. Therefore, they are back in trend. In the previous decade, this device became famous among gamers. Since gamers do a lot of activities while playing games, they must be moving fast. And lagging behind due to wire and cable untangling is not a choice for them. Here comes a mouse bungee to your rescue. By managing your wires, a good mouse bungee improves the user experience. That speaks volumes about its rising notoriety.

As far as its material is concerned, different materials can be used in its making but plastic is most common. As compared to a normal mouse bungee, a gaming one is of higher quality standards. Other than plastic, metal and silicon are other common materials. The rising trend of this item results in futuristic shapes and designs along with glowing lights to give it a better look.

What Does a Mouse Bungee Do?

The primary function of a mouse bungee is to mitigate the dragging, and snagging of mouse cables on the desk. They do this by lifting the cable using an arm made from a spring. By dragging the cable from the surface of the desk, they reduce the friction. Moreover, they also mitigate the problems such as your cable constantly hitting other things on your desk. In short, it helps you forget about the mouse cable. And it gives the feel of wireless if you set it up well. But what type of cable your mouse has depends on.

For example, if your mice come with a flexible cable like most of the high-end models, it will give an excellent experience. But if your mice have a traditional cable, it feels good but not excellent.

In addition to this, if you have anything else on your desk, a mouse bungee will help your cable from falling behind the desk. Overall, it improves your experience of gaming or using it for other purposes. Not only does it make your gaming experience more consistent but it also ensures that you worry more about games and not about the mouse.

Do You Really Need a Mouse Bungee?

Although most people use this item, whether you need it or not depends on your priorities and situation. Ultimately, how much your mice wire bothers you helps you decide why you should use it. If you think that the cable is dragging and snagging a lot, you should consider one. And if the cable does not irritate you, it better it is to save your money. When it comes to performance, it gives you a better and more consistent gaming experience. Experiences from users substantiate this evidence that having one makes them more consistent. If you are a gamer, then a mouse bungee can be very useful for you. Along with that, if your computer setup is very messy and wire often gets stuck to different things on the desk, then it can give you an irritation-free experience.

Setting up a Mouse Bungee

To set it up is not very difficult. What you need to do is to route a part of the cable through the bungee. What confuses most people is finding what is right for your computer or gaming setup. Generally, put your device a couple of inches above your mousepad and fully extend the arm. After this, pull the cable through the arm so that you can move the mouse easily all around your intended area. For getting extra wire, pull the cable a little more so that you can have some wiggle room. You must play around with it until it feels good. Make sure you don’t use too little of the wire otherwise the mouse bungee will pull on the wire. Use it will the positioning until it does well for you.

The Best Options

The above section is surely enough to tell you that this device gives you a better experience. If you have made up your mind to buy one, what are the solid options you should look for? In this section, we will mention some of the best products in the market so that you can get what is worthy of your price. The market is replete with numerous brands and products that compete with each other. Because there are not enough features that a mouse bungee should have, reliability is the primary thing you should seek. Given this, some of the good options in the market are items from Zowie, Razor, and Glorious. Bungees from all these brands are excellent with more traditional options. Besides that, you can also find some cheaper options but they may be of moderate built.