5 Signs Your Shed Roof Is Not Repaired Correctly

Whether due to several years of typical wear and tear through the seasons or a strong storm overnight, you must repair shed roof felt at some point.  You should inspect the condition of your shed roof at least once a year. If your shed is in an exposed area, you may need to change the felt every two to three years or less frequently if it is covered. All of this depends on a good quality felt as it will require considerably less maintenance if fitted properly.

Here is a brief explanation to better understand everything about the shed roof and its repair.

What is the shed roof felt and when does it need to be repaired?

Roofing felt is typically used to make the roofs and non-habitable garden structures like cottages and sheds waterproof. It is commonly used as an underlayment between the surface to which it is placed and the final layer of roofing material. It can also be used as a finishing layer on a shed roof to provide further waterproofing. 

A lot of time, when you get done with roofing and guttering repair, it is difficult to identify if all the steps to repair shed roof felt are done perfectly.

Here are some important aspects you should look for while your contractor is performing shed roof felt repairs so that you don’t face any problems in the future.

1.   Thin and inferior quality felt

It is essential to assess the material yourself before your contractor starts to repair shed roof felt. Cheaper finished products typically weigh less per meter, implying that they are thinner than high-quality felt. This also means that they are less durable. You may find yourself changing a low-cost felt a few years after installing it. The quality of the shed felt is important, and you must buy a reputed brand since a cheap, substandard product may prove to be costly in the long term.

2.   Non-support for high wind

If you live in a location prone to high winds, you’ll need something lot more durable. Or your shed roof will need to be replaced every few months. If the roof repair contractor is using a typical shed felt, it’s a sign that your shed roof would fail sooner.

It is recommended to use polyester reinforced felt specifically designed for heavy-duty use. It is thicker than ordinary grade shed felt and has a 15-year lifespan like other reinforced goods. Make sure to check the product’s thickness as it makes it more resistant to tearing when pummelled by high winds.

3.   Lesser layers of felt

There are some standard layer requirements for sheds and garages. If lesser layers are used, it’s a sign your contractor has not done his job correctly to repair shed roof felt.

Building standards require three layers of felt in inhabited portions of a dwelling. Whereas only two layers may be needed for sheds and garages. Usually, a hot flame technique is used to apply these layers. However, there are some dangers associated with this technique. So specialists recommend using the torch-on felt roofing technique.

4.   Roof over wet plywood and less roofing felt overlap

Installing a roof over damp plywood or any other sort of roof sheathing is never a smart idea. As the sun heats the roof, the trapped water boils, and the shingles form little pits through which the steam eventually escapes.

Many contractors do not consider sufficient overlap while performing roofing and guttering repair. It can also be a sign, so always make sure there is an overlap of at least 5cm between each sheet. Then nail down the felt starting from the centre and working outwards.

5.   Roofing felt not used under tiles

If roofing felt is not used under the tiles, it could make your roof life short. It is essential to prevent the roof space from being revealed. Roofing felt functions as a permeable moisture barrier, enabling warm, wet air to exit while preventing moisture from the outside from seeping into hardwood beams and decking, keeping them strong and safe.

Hire a Trusted Roofing Contractor for Roofing and Guttering Repair

Now you know all the important signs that you must look out for before your contractor starts to repair the shed roof felt. Ignore these signs and remain cautious to never compromise on quality and save your hard-earned money.

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