Work Trousers by Cromwell Safety are the top collections for protection and safety.

A belt loop and plenty of pockets on the waist provide storage for your gear and accessories. Don’t let the weight of your equipment slow you down. The Tuffstuff 715 Pro Flex Work Trousers feature the most up-to-date workwear technology and storm-proofing to keep you dry and comfortable in any weather. Knee pad pockets enable you to insert kneepads for added protection when kneeling on rough surfaces. The triple-stitched seams are hard-wearing, and the waist belt has ample room for larger tools.

  • Reinforced hems for durability and to keep this trouser away from tearing or coming undone.
  • Triple stitched for strength and durability, with a strong YKK zip to help seal you and ensure easy access.
  • Full stretch fabric for comfort and mobility with perfect tailor-fit.
  • Suitable for any work environment
  • Ergonomic design of this flex work trouser and tailored fit mean you can move with ease.
  • Knee pad pockets that simply work
  • Multiple pockets to handle all your gear and gadgets.

Do you need a little recharge?

Continue reading for our selection of the top chukka boots, a staple in the world of footwear. Chukka boots, which are distinguished by their low-cut design and three-eyelet lacing, have let men walk fashionably through the decades. Choose from our selection of leather and suede chukka boots, which are true classics that are worth coveting. Don’t forget to look at our whole selection of chukka boots. Chukka sole material and construction vary greatly between different brands and types, ranging from inexpensive cemented soles to more robust (and more expensive) stitch-out construction.

The ideal marriage of fashion and purpose:

Men’s chukka boots from Cromwell Safety are available for every occasion. Our men’s boots are made with premium materials and cutting-edge technologies for strength and comfort. Look for moc-toe chukkas or stick with a style that is influenced by Chelsea boots. For a tailored yet relaxed look, complete the ensemble with a pair of chinos or pants. 

These chukka boots are comfortable, have flexible but sturdy leather, and you won’t be frightened to wear them all day. Choose a cap-toe type with a roomier toe box for the most flexibility. A footed that is cushioned will make you feel as if you are walking on air, even after being on your feet all day. You’ll be able to walk with assurance and comfort whether you require them as dress boots or a pair of shoes for the streets of the UK.

Long-lasting chukka boots by Cromwell Safety

Our chukka boots are made to withstand practically anything. With features like reinforced eyelets that survive regular on-and-off wear and tear as well as ultra-grip bottoms designed for uneven terrain, our men’s shoes are made to last as long as you can. Our sustainable, post-consumer, and recycled materials are used to create our eco-friendly shoes, reducing their harmful effects on the environment. You should be aware that since crepe is a soft material, shoes with crepe soles will probably wear out more quickly than shoes with hard rubber soles if you’re thinking about purchasing a pair of shoes or boots with crepe soles.

Final Verdict:

Chukka boots suede uppers complement their unusual sole. Suède, calfskin, or other organic or synthetic materials can be used to create chukka uppers, though. Moreover, the hue of chukkas and desert boots is different. Chukka boots come in practically any color you can think of, unlike desert boots which are typically sand-colored.