7 Low-Competition Side Hustles To Make Money in 2023

This post will give you some amazing ideas if you’re looking for ways to earn extra bucks while working full-time. All you need is an experimental mentality and consistency to try different side hustles to make money in 2023.

Covid-19 struck us all. It changed the whole idea of job security. Big companies were laying off employees, leaving people with nothing during critical times. 

These were the times when side hustles like delivering groceries, proxy reselling, drop shipping, blog management, and vlogging became more prominent. 

But, the problem with side hustles is that most are very competitive. 

Hence, we have dug out ten side hustles to make money in 2023 for you. They don’t demand much time and effort, which is the biggest plus point. 

Let’s dive in. 

  1. Consider Proxy Reselling

Have you ever heard about people reselling proxies to make money? 

We are sure most of you didn’t, which is why this one is at the top of our low-competition side hustle to make money in the 2023 list. 

Proxy reselling requires minimal effort, investment, and time if you know how to do it right. 

Multiple proxy websites provide online retailers useful, effective, and budget-friendly proxies. 

You can use these proxies to resell them to other people in your circle who need them but cannot for any reason. 

Your buyers won’t have to invest capital in developing a management system because the proxy you will resell will cover their needs. 

  1. Try Commercial Cooking

Commercial cooking is a type of cooking where the cook prepares food or meals for a large gathering. 

Commercial cooking is not for you if you don’t know how to cook. You can jump back to proxy reselling or discover more ways we will list below. 

Becoming a part-time commercial cook can require heavy investment, but for starters, you can begin with just air fryers. As for the time, you know that cooking is for the patient. So, you will need 2-3 hours to invest in this option.

The best part? Your clients will pay for every ingredient.

So basically, commercial cooking will require some time, but it has the potential to grow into something enormous if you’re able to establish your clientele. 

  1. Sell CAD Files

CAD is software for creating 3D designs. To follow this tip, you must have the creative skills to design CAD files and sell them.

There are a dozen marketplaces where you can sell your designs without hard and fast complicated rules and requirements. You can also freelance for others and sell your service in your free time.

Would you want to know the scope?

A CAD file or a 3D model will sell for €10 to €1000, depending on the finish and complexity of the design.

A backup option if you don’t have access to marketplaces, you can make your customers and sell the files to them. The profit margin is lower in this case, but you can pace up once you establish yourself in the market.

As an ending note for this point, we’ll tell you to start today as the competition is comparatively lower than other online services.

  1. Become Social network Influencer

Becoming an influencer is not a low-competition side hustle to make money in 2023, but it’s highly rewarding. 

There are countless social media influencers commonly working on common subjects like makeup tutorials, reels, live streams, and more. These fields are extremely competitive today.

You must try your luck if you have good skills in the fields mentioned above. We are not here to discourage you because hard work and good work never go unnoticed. So, you will also eventually secure a spot.

However, you can try reviewing different tech products if you don’t have such talents. There’s little competition as this needs quality and time to study the product and tell people about it transparently.

You will soon get affiliate offers and may land some huge sponsors.

  1. Assist People Virtually 

Many people have shifted towards ecommerce and online earning through blogs after the COVID hit or just as a good side hustle to make money.

These individuals, if successful, are usually busy with other major tasks and need enthusiastic side hustlers like you to give them a helping hand.

Ecommerce VA tasks can be a bit more complicated than managing a blog but they pay well. But, there’s no proof that assisting bloggers virtually is a poor paying job. 

You will have to strengthen your network to land a job and let people know that you are available for this paid service. You can also use many freelancing platforms to start. 

It only needs a few of your hours and leaves you with fuller pockets by the end of each month. 

  1. Offer Dog Walking

Dogs, like humans, love socializing, and their owners or parents are there to take care of these needs. Hence, they look for part-time dog walkers to help their dogs reenergize.

You can make around $10 to $20 for 30 minutes which is a good bargain. 


You get to spend time with the most sensible animal in the whole wide world. 

Walking, in general, is a revitalizing experience as its exercise doctors suggest we should do regularly. 

You spend time with yourself, and it also makes you relax if we look into the psychology behind it. 

  1. Take Part in User Interviews or Surveys

Hopefully, 2023 will be the year of improvement in many fields as we move forward to a better future every day. And big companies need surveyors or participants to contribute to their research.

You may think it’s for free, but the sources reward you for 20 minutes of your life. This tip is for people who are looking for easy opportunities.

It will help if you make your profiles on relevant websites that will credit you for every interview. You can potentially earn $15 to $100 for each discussion. 


Side hustles to make money in 2023 will help you save for the staycation sitting on your list for years or buy a new phone without spending your main money.

Some suggestions are time intensive, but their rewards balance the effort. Also, it’s good to have choices, right?

Now the ball is in your court. Pick what fits well with your working hours and ready set go!