7 things swimming will teach you about life

Swimming isn’t just about hours and hours of training, white marks on your eyes, and getting up at 6 in the morning. Nor to win gold medals and improve times.

Swimming, and sport in general, provide a testing ground for some of the most fundamental and critical things that you will carry with you for the rest of your life.

Whether in your career, in your personal relationships, or even in different sports, swimming with lifeguard class will teach you the importance of hard work , being humble , and being a team player .

Here are 7 things swimming will teach you about life:

You have to work hard for the things you want.

Nothing worth having in life comes without effort and improving your swimming records is no exception.

Achieving your goals will most often require giving what can sometimes seem like an unnatural level of effort.

Hard work and effort build the bridge that connects your dreams to reality.

Sometimes it just isn’t fair

This is something that you should also record on fire.

It’s not always going to be fair. There will be times when, no matter how hard we work, the results do not match our effort in practice.

Or there will be times when you get nervous or your body fails you unexpectedly and you don’t achieve that goal you longed for so much.

These moments sting, hurt, and knock us down. But they also teach you to be mentally strong in order to overcome them.

Teamwork will make you feel good

In swimming there are trainings where you work as a team. With teamwork you learn to collaborate, help and trust others to achieve good results.

What is ” healthy rivalry ” is also discovered . Competition also makes you improve yourself, to reach a higher level .

Fellowship is encouraged. Links are created with colleagues and the importance of solidarity is highlighted so that there is a good atmosphere in the group.

You will learn to enjoy the Process

Swimming will teach you a deeply important lesson. And it is that wanting something is not the same as achieving something.

To be successful, to crush that personal best moment, you have to do more about it than just dream. More than write it. And more than telling people.

You need to adopt the daily routines and habits that will get you there. In other words, you must learn to love the process of becoming the swimmer you want to be.

Swimming shows you firsthand that when you master the process, you master the goal.

Without discipline there will be no results

Maintaining a discipline is the only way to set goals and achieve results in sport.

Discipline is what will make you get up at 6 in the morning (or before) to get into a pool, that you don’t miss your training that day that all your friends have arranged to go have a few beers or you have to finish a very demanding training that leaves you exhausted.

All good training programs are designed with the idea that you have to stick with them and that requires discipline. Persistence and discipline are closely linked. Without discipline it is impossible to be persistent.

If there is no discipline, you cannot be constant in training, eating, life habits, etc.

To be patient

Swimming teaches you that you have to be patient and that everything comes, but in due time.

In swimming, as in any sport, you should not abruptly accelerate any process, nor become too obsessed, since this will work against you.

The results will come , you just have to be constant.

How you lose is as important as how you win.

Winning is great, and losing sucks. Almost all of us can agree with that. But I think it’s more important how we do both than the final result.

You will lose many times throughout your swimming career. You don’t have to like it, but being easygoing and able to lean along the lane line and shake hands with the winner means that while you didn’t win the top spot on the podium, you did win yourself.

Likewise, there will be wins and highs during your time in the pool. Being a champion is more than being the first swimmer to touch the wall, it is being humble in victory , congratulating others and being an example for those who come.

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