A dental office is a place where people go to get their teeth cleaned and fixed

A dental office is a place where people go to get their teeth cleaned and fixed. Dentists are doctors who study the structure and function of the oral cavity, the soft tissues, bones and other tissues inside the mouth. They usually check the oral cavity and gums for abnormalities such as tooth decay and gum disease. They may also perform dental surgery to treat problems like tooth decay, cavities, and damaged or lost teeth.

In addition to examining teeth, dentists may also prescribe medication to promote Cosmetic dentist dental health. Dentists do not perform surgeries but may advise people about which procedures are appropriate for their specific situation.

The doctor who examines your teeth and gums and diagnoses any problems that you may have is an orthodontist. They are considered a type of dentist because they diagnose and treat malocclusion and other conditions involving the upper and lower jawbones. This may include issues such as tooth decay, missing teeth, crowding, overgrown teeth, and bad bite.

They are trained in how to remove decay and any other problems found during an exam. Orthodontists may also advise patients about how to care for their teeth and gums. This may include giving out home-care instructions, suggesting how to correct certain problems, and prescribing medications to aid in dental hygiene.