Angry Birds 2 Cheats, Tips, & Tricks – Perfect for Beginners & Pros

Are you familiar with Terrence, Chuck, Stella, and Red? The names described above will be instantly recognizable to any diehard fan of the legendary Angry Birds game. And now, after the success of the first Angry Birds game, comes the even more spectacular sequel, Angry Birds 2. If you’ve played the original game, you’ll have no trouble picking up this updated edition, which adds a sleek Destructometer Backrooms, card, and spell system. Do you, nonetheless, like to get Angry Birds 2 cheats? You may put that idea out of your mind; we won’t be using it.

As the pigs are far more vicious in this sequel, the difficulty level has increased significantly. Here is a list of Angry Birds 2 cheats, tips, and tricks to help you level up quickly in this casual game.

Angry Birds 2 Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Help You Progress Faster

In order to succeed in Angry Birds 2, please refer to the following set of guidelines.

1. Get to Know Your Wingless Birds

Learn About the Birds That Don’t Have Wings
This is one of the finest casual games since, like the original Angry Birds, it gives you access to a huge variety of birds to use in each level. It’s crucial to figure out which birds can help you go further along in the game the quickest, since they each have their own distinct set of skills. When the bird is in flight, you may click on it to activate its special skills.

Choose a Red bird if you need it to resist a solid building, and rely on Blues if you need it to withstand ice blocks. If, on the other hand, you’re looking to part with some tiny, well guarded items, you’d be wise to go for Matilda’s formidable egg-laying capacity. But if you need to eliminate your foes quickly, you may rely on Chuck’s special skill.

Angry Birds 2 Characters

2. Strategically Use Your Spells

Angry Birds 2 introduces a new spell system. These spells are also valuable presents that you should hold on to and utilize anytime you find yourself in a sticky position. Some of the spells available in Angry Birds 2 that you should consider using are listed below.

Golden Duck

A powerful spell for use against the swine with ill intentions. In this spell, you may watch as ducks pour down on impregnable fortresses that your bird has no chance of destroying.


The ice chunks will crystallize under your cold spell. You may use this spell to completely destroy rocky buildings by casting it on them and then using a Red Bird, Blues, or Chuck to smash them to bits.

Hot Chilli

With this magic cast upon them, your enemies’ swine will be set ablaze. In this section, you will see the pigs and their fortress transformed into raging inferno. This spell is also useful for destroying fortified structures housing particularly hardy swine.

Pig Inflater

This spell is frequently shown on a firearm symbol. The spell will cause all of your enemies’ pigs to grow in size until they explode. It’s certain to make you happy to watch those nasty pigs explode into a thousand pieces. 

Angry Birds 2 Spells

3. Don’t Restart the Game!

Unlike the first sequel, Angry Birds 2 doesn’t let you to start again if you become irritated. You have five lives total, and it’s not worth losing one of them only to restart the game. If you run out of lives, you have the option of paying real money to respawn or waiting until your lives replenish naturally.

If you got off to a horrible start on a level, it’s still to your advantage to figure out a way to turn things around or at least learn something from the experience. In addition, you may stay in the game and continuing firing off long shots, which might improve your comprehension of the level.

Angry Birds 2 Pause

4. Don’t Forget the Daily Gifts!

Do you know that Angry Birds 2 has free in-game downloadable content, including additional levels and perks? You read that correctly. These need only be collected on a daily basis. The game also features daily objectives that may be completed in order to gain valuable things and gems that can be used to purchase additional cards and lives. 

Angry Birds 2 Daily Gift

5. Watching Ads can Also Help

Ads are bothersome, especially in the midst of a game, but did you know that they may be beneficial if you watch them? You can gain a valuable bonus—such as an additional bird or life—if you view an ad. This is especially helpful in difficult or stressful circumstances.

6. Be Competitive on the Arena Leaderboard

Other than the wicked piggies, Angry Birds 2 also lets you show off your skills to gamers from all around the world. In this game mode, you’ll be able to let loose all of your acquired bird power to destroy as many buildings as possible. A ticket is needed to enter the venue. Every three to four hours, you will be eligible to get a complimentary ticket. You may also get more tickets by viewing advertisements or exchanging jewels.