Rogue Adventure Guide & Strategy For New Players

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind role-playing game, Rogue Adventure is a great option. The game’s card-based mechanics are a big part of what sets it apart. You won’t have to go on quests, explore dungeons, or chat to random people as in other role-playing games. To succeed, you need only ensure that your deck can weather the storms that are bound to arise along your selected course.

Rogue Adventure delivers on its promise of a “roguelike” experience. In other words, players who lack the necessary abilities and strategies will be severely punished in this game.

It’s a skill-based game that needs strategic planning, tactical analysis, and resource management beyond its simple gaming basics. Having a fundamental understanding of the game’s interface, controls, and combat systems will help you advance faster.

What is Rogue Adventure?

One of the freemium digital market’s hidden treasures, Rogue Adventure was released by Sharklab Mobile in 2019. To begin, the game fuses the standard mechanics of card games with those of role-playing video games. There are a ton of cards to unlock in Rogue Adventure. 

Rogue Adventure Featured

Similarly to a standard role-playing game, this one offers a large number of playable areas, a large variety of foes, a variety of boosts, upgrade paths, and talents, and many difficulty settings. Players all over the world praised Rogue Adventure’s difficult and original gameplay structure with tens of thousands of five-star reviews. The skill-based gameplay has been praised for being difficult and addictive, leading to a high repeat value.

Rogue Adventure Cards

Cards have racial, rarity, and type distinctions, just like role-playing game characters. The game features two distinct kinds of playing cards. First, there are Battle Cards, represented by a sword, and Magic Cards, represented by a bolt. There are six types of characters used to categorize the cards: angels, beastmen, demons, fairies, robots, and neutrals.

The race of a card will affect its effectiveness, just like it does in role-playing games. Nevertheless, most of the cards in the game are “Neutral,” meaning that they may be used by any of the five playable races.


The gameplay of Rogue Adventure is both simple and complex. The objective of the game, seen from above, is to use your deck to eliminate every opponent card from the board. Whilst it appears simplistic at first glance, there are really a number of considerations that must be made in order to win every match and complete every map.


Your character’s Class determines how quickly and easily they will advance through the game. Warrior, Wizard, Assassin, Necromancer, Paladin, Shaman, Ranger, Druid, Engineer, Barbarian, Pirate, and Rune Master are only some of the 12 Classes available in the game.

Apart for the Warrior, all other classes have different unlock criteria. So, we will concentrate on how to get the most of this course for your own personal gain. You may speed up the process of unlocking the other classes if you use the warrior class and succeed.

Warrior Class Abilities & Upgrades

The Warrior Class has advantages in fighting due to its moniker. Your basic ability as this class grants you 1 shield whenever you play a fight card. The cost to improve this item is 300 gold in the market. With the improvement, the player will get 3 resistance points for each successful block.

After you’ve completed Normal difficulty, you can switch to Inferno difficulty and gain access to the extra benefits it provides for your class. The first perk is the ability to equip the “Knowledge of Resistance” talent from the get-go. The second reward is unlocked after completing Inferno 5. With this element in play, you gain an extra shield equal to the number of battle cards you’ve played, up to a maximum of 2 shields.

After clearing Inferno 10, players have access to the third benefit, which stops them from temporarily losing resistance or strength at the conclusion of each turn. There are four fighters, three guards, and one wizard in your initial deck.

Tips on Deck Building

To succeed in Rogue Adventure, you need to construct a solid deck that can easily overcome any obstacle you encounter. To survive each level’s challenges, your deck has to include solid offensive, defensive, and boost options. You should also have a well-thought-out strategy when traversing the map. Having stated that, consider the following techniques and approaches.

Skip the Elites

Generic cards with few abilities will make up the bulk of your starting deck. The skull with a golden crown represents a dangerous elite foe. As a result, you should do everything you can to avoid Elites, as they may single-handedly wipe out your deck at any time. 

Building Your Deck

Do not attempt to battle a series of two elites in a single run if you are a newbie; instead, seek for a way where a treasure chest or a merchant appears after an elite.

Merchants are your Friends

Shops are a risk-free place to restock, stock up on cards, level up, and buy new abilities and powers. Always seek for a merchant that follows a monster or Elite on the map to help you plan your route. This is because your health will inevitably drop following a battle against very formidable foes.

Choose your Cards Carefully

You Should Choose Your Cards Carefully
As a part of the rewards system in Rogue Adventure, you will have access to cards. The game typically deals you three cards and a selection of precious stones. In the same vein, it’s a good idea to think about the features of the available cards and pass on them if they don’t suit your needs in favor of the gem. Otherwise, your deck will quickly become overrun by terrible cards, reducing the frequency with which your excellent cards will be drawn.

Additionally, keep in mind that having a smaller active deck increases the likelihood of drawing a strong card. Look for cards like the Lady of Knight Retro Bowl, which grants you an extra mana for each fight card in your deck, whenever possible when selecting a card from the beginning class.

Defense over Offense

Being a game that rewards talent rather than luck, Rogue Adventure necessitates forethought and preparation. In your early stages as a player, your primary focus should be on securing a safe defensive position. While it would be ideal to rapidly wipe out your foes, doing so is impossible without a strong defense. There’s no need to hurry, and you should always keep in mind that consistency is the key to success.