10 Games With Great Streamer Modes

There are many different kinds of great streamer modes, from the safety features of Among Us to the heart of Party Hard.

The goal of streamer modes is to make the life of streamers easier and turn a game into a tool for entertaining people. Most games aren’t made with streaming in mind, so streamer modes are their way of adjusting. In video games, there are two kinds of streamer modes. The first is meant to protect the streamer while they play by turning off licensed music or hiding personal information. The second lets the audience interact with the game in unique ways that are more fun for everyone.

Integration with Twitch is a type of streamer mode that changes the game by using the Twitch website. They often use chat messages, votes, and donations to make things happen in the game, which turns the audience into active players. Streamer modes and even integration with Twitch aren’t just for people who make content. Even if you’re the only person watching, you can still benefit from the better interactions.

I Just Want To Be Single!!

Anti-dating sim I Just Want to Be Single!! is a great example of how easy it can be to make a good streamer mode. With this mode, streamers can put themselves in the art box where the game avatar would normally be. This makes them the real heroes of the game.

I Just Want to Be Single!! has a window that can be used to turn on the streamer mode. This can be done through the main menu. This gives you a lot of choices for where to put the frame around the streamer’s camera feed or avatar. The menu is also meant to keep people entertained while they wait, but the details are best kept a secret.

Marbles On Steam

In Marbles on Steam, players make a marble and send it down a track, hoping that it will be the first to reach the goal. Marbles on Steam doesn’t have much to do besides hope, but sometimes that’s just what streamers need.

Marbles on Steam’s streamer mode is as simple as it gets. Since there isn’t much to do during the race, each person watching can take part with their own marble. One problem that many streamers have with the game is the price. Marbles is free, but it costs a lot to make and unlock custom tracks, and most cosmetic items also cost a lot.

Words On Stream

In the puzzle game Words on Stream, you have to find anagrams among the jumbled letters before time runs out. The twist is that the people watching can also play by suggesting words in the Twitch chat. The game even keeps track of and shows off the best players during each round, and group challenges encourage people to work together.

Onrizon, who makes a lot of streamer games, made Words on Stream. But Words on Stream is also a fun game to play with a group. Everyone helps find new anagrams, so there’s no need for anyone to put their face on camera. The game stays the same.

Streets Of Rogue

Streets of Rogue, a mix of Roguelite, Action, RPG, and Immersive Sim, has been a favorite of streamers for a few years. This game has a lot of content and works like a plug-and-play game. It could keep a streamer busy for months if it was all they did.

In Streets of Rogue, streamer integration comes in the form of power-ups and other changes chosen by the audience. The chat can also vote on what items the streamer will find in the next level and what other problems, like hidden bombs or a zombie invasion, they will face.

Party Hard 2

Most streamers don’t play Party Hard 2 all the time, but maybe they should. The game loop is pretty simple. The main character goes to a party with a list of goals and destroys everything in his way.

Slope Game is built around the fact that it works with Twitch. Viewers can add more goals and take control of NPCs. They get points by making the game harder for the streamer, and they spend those points to make things easier. Those points stay even when you switch games or streamers.

Emote Search is a game for streamers made by Onrizon. Even though it was meant to be a sort of sequel to the much better-known Words on Stream, the two are very different. The game is like a Word Search puzzle, but instead of letters, it uses emojis.

Emote Search is a bit more complicated than other games made for streamers, but not by much. Players have to look at a grid of emote patterns and compare them to a set of emote patterns. To guess a pattern, viewers have to write the correct coordinates in the chat, and they rewarded for each pattern they find.

Jackbox Party Packs

The Jackbox Party Packs are collections of games for parties and, more recently, games that can played online. Most of the games meant to played with a group, but some have modes just for streamers and their viewers.

The most likely best game for streamers is Jackbox Party Pack 3. It has the clever word maker Quiplash 2, the scary trivia game Trivia Murder Party, and the crass shirt maker Tee K.O., which is a fan favorite. All of these games have good streamer modes that let people watch and join in the fun, but some of them do need more than one active player.

Among Us

No one needs to explain what Among Us is. It’s the biggest independent game of the last 10 years, one of the most popular mobile games of all time, and a huge hit with streamers. But not many people know that Among Us has had its own streamer mode since April 2022.

The streamer mode for Among Us is very simple but important: it hides the code for the streamer’s game. You can still copy and paste to share the code itself. This stops viewers from joining the streamer’s game without being asked.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is a survival action game for four players that is similar to Left 4 Dead. Unlike Left 4 Dead, the game is still being updated, and the community is still very active.

Even though Warhammer: Vermintide 2’s streamer mode doesn’t get rid of the need for 3 friends to play, it can make viewers feel more involved. In this mode, the streamer’s chat can make the next level harder or easier by bringing in monsters or giving away items. So that new viewers don’t get too confused, the chat always picks one of two options.

Dead Cells

Dead Cells is a roguelike that has won a lot of awards and has become very popular with streamers. Even though the strong Twitch integration played a part, the game itself is a great choice for streaming because it is a roguelike and has a lot of repetitive parts.

In Dead Cells, viewers can do things like change how a level is played, choose what biome the next level will be in, and give hints about where nearby secrets are hidden. All of this done right on Twitch through the chat. The Twitch integration is so easy to set up that anyone can do it.