8 Best Weapons In Shoulders of Giants, Ranked

Shoulders of Giants has a lot of weapons to unlock and choose from for both characters. And, which choices are the best?

Players control two characters at once in Shoulders of Giants, a new roguelite game on the Epic Game Store as of February 2023. They control Frog, but GERM, the robot he stands on, is controlled by what Frog does.

And when playing online, each player can control their own Frog and GERM, or they can play in “Best Friends Mode,” where one player controls Frog and the other controls GERM. In either case, the weapon you choose is important, so let’s go over some of the best weapons for both characters that players can get as they play Shoulders of Giants.

Frog Weapon: Disc Launcher

The Disc Launcher is the “worst of the best” for Frog. This is probably a gun that players got early on, but since the game gives random rewards for each level, it’s not certain.

In any case, the Disc Launcher is a lot like Frog’s default Space Pistol, but instead of shooting bullets, it shoots energy discs (more like pucks). Not only that, but if two players are close enough, the discs can also bounce between them. But, unfortunately, compared to everything else on this list, the Disc Launcher just doesn’t do enough damage or cover enough area to rank higher.

Robot Weapon: Energy Sword

The first option for GERM, the robot Frog is standing on, is the Energy Sword, which is the default. This is the first weapon players get when they start a new save. Once they start using other GERM Weapons, it becomes clear that the default sword was pretty useful, but it didn’t do enough damage.

When players get a higher-level Energy Sword as a level reward, they’ll see that this weapon has the speed, range, and moveset that they want.

Frog Weapon: Rocket Launcher

Shoulders of Giants’ Rocket Launcher isn’t as cool as other Rocket Launchers in video games, at least in terms of how it looks. The rockets move slowly, they don’t do a lot of direct damage, and the area where they explode isn’t very big.

Still, it’s one of Frog’s two explosive guns, and it works a lot better than the Sticky Launcher. Plus, when used with abilities like Burst Fire that are almost too strong, it can do that mind-blowing amount of damage that was already mentioned.

Robot Weapon: Electron Hammer

The Electron Hammer is probably the best heavy weapon that GERM can use. The Lode Sword is another option, but it has an odd moveset and doesn’t do enough damage for how long each attack takes.

The Electron Hammer, on the other hand, is much more reliable, as Hammers or Mauls usually are in games. Even though it doesn’t have a lot of moves, that’s exactly why the weapon is so good. When the basic combo only consists of a few swings. It’s easy to use the right swing at the right time. Also, on some of the more‚Ķdangerous planets in Shoulders of Giants, spending less time swinging can mean the difference between life and death.

Frog Weapon: Order’s Flamecaster

The next choice is a trick, because most SoG players think it’s bad at first. The Flamecaster is just a flamethrower, but it focuses more on burning stacks than most flamethrowers in other 8 Ball Pool games. Because of this, the flame does little damage when it first hits an enemy. This is why people think it’s bad. But if they use enough stacks and wait a few seconds. They’ll see that the enemy’s HP bar goes down pretty quickly.

It’s the perfect weapon for players who want to run up to a group of enemies, put burn on them all. Then run away and hit them with abilities as they die from the burn.

Robot Weapon: Gyro Fists

This list is finally getting to the best weapons. Which is funny because the next one isn’t really a weapon at all. In essence, the Gyro Fists are just fancy boxing gloves put on GERM’s robot hands. But in battle, they’re actually very good. Not only do these things have a lightning-fast combo of punches, but the combo ends with a launcher that leaves enemies defenseless.

The only bad thing about them is that their range isn’t very good. But this is easy to fix with the right Robot ability combinations that close the distance, like Blink or Sumo Slam.

Frog Weapon: Shotgun

Even though it might seem boring, the best choice for Frog is a simple Shotgun. No other gun can beat how much damage this weapon does at close range.

Obviously, this weapon isn’t very good at a distance. But Shoulders of Giants isn’t really a game where you pick off enemies from afar. And, like other weapons, the Shotgun is great when used with abilities like “Burst Fire.” But, unlike those other weapons, the Shotgun is great even without these Abilities.

Robot Weapon: Sliding Shield

Imagine that there was a weapon that was too strong. Because it just had the shield surfing traversal feature from Breath of the Wild. Well, it turns out that the Sliding Shield in Shoulders of Giants is exactly that. And it is a very powerful way to move and fight. Not only does this weapon have a good set of moves (though its range could be better). But its Charge Attack is a Shield that can block up to three hits before going on cooldown.

But the best thing about this Weapon is that it makes it so easy to use the Shield Surfing Dash Attack and the Jump Attack to blast through levels at Mach speed. Once players get the timing of the Shield Surf, hop off, dash forward, and Shield Surf down. They can move around each map about twice as fast as they normally would. This also means that they will be able to get new weapons, cores, and story parts in half the time.

Shoulders of Giants can be played on both Xbox and PC right now.