5 Best Weapons In Scars Above, Ranked

The sci-fi shooter game Scars Above is hard, but getting the best weapons makes it easier to stay alive.

Scars Above is an online science fiction video game about a team of four scientists and engineers who find themselves on a different planet after Earth destroyed. Some fans have said that Scars Above is just a rehash of Returnal, but it has its own unique features, like letting players make their own weapons and tools. The player takes on the role of Dr. Kate, who wakes up shocked on a different planet without her crew. She has to be strong because she has to look for her friends and survive the horrible things on the new planet.

The player can jump into complex adventure levels, fight monsters, and explore scary landscapes. Scars Above changes over time, giving the player new ways to improve weapons and useful tools. This gives players an advantage and keeps the game going at a steady pace. In this game, the weapons are important, and it all comes down to the fact that they work together. Each weapon is important, and how well it works depends on the monster type.

The Electric Cutter

The electric cutter has a blade that about the size of a pencil and is charged with electricity. It is the first weapon that players will use in the game. It near the boxes and can used to cut down the vines to make a path through them. The Electric Cutter also helps cut down on the number of monsters that crawl, like spiders.

A big benefit of the electric cutter that it doesn’t need to be reloaded or charged. This lets the player save some of their ammo for when they have to deal with bigger problems in the game. It is easy to change and is flexible.

Cryo Launcher: The Ice Grenade

The ice grenade is made from the secretions of cave animals. When this secretion hits the ground, it freezes. This used by the player to make an MPU-based cryogenic device. It lets the player make an icy path to walk on so they can get past worms and pools of water in the cave.

The player can use the ice grenade with any other weapon to attack bigger enemies. It is a very useful weapon that can be used to freeze an enemy before using Vera’s electric surge or thermic charger’s flame to kill the target. This part lets the player get closer to the enemy, making it easier to beat them without getting too scared. It depends on other things and can’t really hurt anything. Instead, it can used to slow down the enemy while the player gets more supplies.

Thermic Charger: The Flame Weapon

The thermic charger is a fire weapon made from the thermic module found in a cave. When it hits a target, it causes it to catch fire. In contrast to vera, the thermic charger has to shot more than once before the target dies. When aimed at the red nodes on the chests of the bigger monsters more than once, it makes them weaker until they die. Even in the middle of a fight with a monster, the thermic charger needs to charged and reloaded often. If the player isn’t careful, the enemy might get the upper hand when the game stops for a while. This could make the monster attack the player in a dangerous way.

Even though it takes a while to fire, this weapon is very good at killing enemies. Most enemies are hurt by fire, so when this element is used to shoot them, they catch on fire. Also, the player should make sure to shoot at the enemy from a safe distance to save energy for other fights before reaching the next strengthening pillar.

Vera: The Electric Rifle

The first weapon in the game was the electric rifle, also known as VERA. It is an electrically charged vectorized energy accelerator. It comes in a box as half of a weapon, and Kate makes it into the whole thing in the Hermes. Later, in Chapter 1, it found near the crates where the electric cutter found. When the target is in water or it’s raining, this electric assault rifle comes in very handy. When used to attack monsters in water, it gives them an electric shock.

Arachnids and scorpiods in Happy Wheels game can killed with two hits from VERA. It also helps weaken the electrical sphere that some monsters use to move. The Electric Rifle can used to open gates because it has electric parts. It was first used to power up a reactor machine in the Hermes, and then it used to open the first gate and other gates the player comes across.

Fire Ray

This is another kind of Thermic Charger that can made with the Heat Synchronizer part from Chapter V. Instead of a single blast like the Thermic Charger, it fires a steady stream of shots after charged.

The fire stream from the Fire Ray is made by a heat generator that uses a solution that can catch fire. The fire coming out of the nozzle never moves away from the axis. This keeps the ray stable without reducing its power. It is one of the most useful weapons in the game.

Scars Above came out on February 28, 2023, and you can now play it on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.