The bar for racing games has been raised with Projects Cars 2

Developers are finding it harder and harder to set themselves out from one another in terms of visual quality in racing games on modern technology. In the context of racing simulation games, such remark becomes even more resonant.

Whether it Gran Turismo

There is a limit to how realistic a vehicle can seem in any racing video game, whether it Gran Turismo, Forza Motorsport, or Project Cars 2 (PC2). Talented studios using cutting-edge machinery are all subjected to the same standard: they must create a 1:1 duplicate of an automobile like, say, a Lamborghini Aventador. There isn’t much creative leeway or allow for interpretation. Although the makers of drift hunters games like Uncharted, Gears of War, and Overwatch may get away with such things, the creators of racing games must adhere to strict realism standards.

So, how does one go about creating a racing game that stands out from the crowd? Which one has the most automobiles added? carry the most variety of music? Better impacts from the weather? Without a doubt, these elements help elevate a good game to the level of a fantastic game. To address the concerns voiced by racing game enthusiasts after the release of Project Cars, developer Slightly Mad Studios created Project Cars 2, the “Empire Strikes Back” of racing games.

Recent Developments

Due to the high standard established by PC2, and the impending releases of titles like GT Sport and Forza Motorsport 7, Slightly Mad Studios had no option but to go all in, and fortunately, their efforts rewarded. The creators paid close attention to user feedback, and in PC2 the handling techniques have reworked to make it seem more natural whether you play with a racing wheel or a controller. Both can tweaked to increase their performance, but the game’s code is the genuine deal.

For those who recall PC1’s twitchy, oversensitive controls, assured that they have completely overhauled for PC2. My initial foray into the game’s mechanics was selecting a Lamborghini since I knew the vehicle would be much more difficult to control than others owing to its enormous level of horsepower. I was apprehensive before we even got off the starting line, but once we got going, I felt like Daenerys Targaryen piloting one of her dragons. To clarify for any readers who may acquainted with arcade racers like Forza Horizon 3, Need for Speed, or Dirt 4, this is not one of those games. To overtake other drivers, you can’t take turns at 98 mph, then use the e-brake and press the nitrous.

Who may acquainted with arcade racers

Use your brake in PC2 by pulling the left trigger on your controller or by pressing the left pedal on your racing wheel. If you’re familiar with arcade racing games, you’ll recognize this as the button (or pedal) you never use. There’s no other way to play the game. What this means in practice is that you need to take it easy and brake gently during corners, then speed up again after the turn, and generally simply be careful otherwise the vehicle will spin out of control.

I must commend the incredible precision required to play this game with a wheel and peddles. You won’t find a better handling system elsewhere. From the tense hold on the road as you scream through bends to the terrifying slide off the track when you lose control, you feel it all. Thanks to the team’s dynamic tweaking, I’ve never had a more lifelike computer gaming experience. The greatest noticeable improvement over PC1 will likely seen by those who play using a controller.

The online component is also fantastic

The development team put in a lot of time and effort to make the game controller-friendly, but if their default settings aren’t to your favor, there are plenty of ways to fine-tune your vehicle’s performance. To be more specific, you won’t need to spend a ton of cash on a fancy racing wheel to have fun with Project Cars 2, and may even perform better with just a regular controller.

PC2 offers a ton of new features, including e-Sports online racing in addition to the reworked driving and handling principles. The online component is also fantastic, since it keeps score of your progress in various championships versus players from all around the globe. With the exception of the Supercar Rallycross and a few others, players may enjoy a variety of races from the start, making the career mode appealing to gamers who like to focus on a single mode throughout the whole experience.

A Porsche just few of the brands represented

Audi, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Toyota, Dodge, and even a Porsche just few of the brands represented in PC2’s extensive collection of automobiles. There are more than 180 vehicles, nine vehicle classes, and sixty distinct tracks. For someone who used to own a Subaru WRX STi, the lack of that brand’s presence was a little disappointment.

Slightly Mad refers to all of these locations and stages as “living tracks.” It basically implies that you may change the time of day and other aspects of the weather to suit your needs while working with them. It is possible to create completely implausible scenarios, such as a snowstorm in the middle of the desert. There are so many different ways to enjoy each track in PC2 that the game’s replay value is high regardless of personal taste.