Benefits Of Native Android App Development

In an era where the entire economy is spun by technology, developers try to produce applications with user-friendly, responsive, and configurable features to provide the utmost assistance with personal as well as professional needs. 

The wide range of smart devices now employed in the commercial sphere makes it important for developers to create a unified, organized system of operation in apps for smooth enterprise and for users to navigate comfortably through programs. 

Apps following standard sets of instructions specific to a wide operating platform help users get accustomed quickly.

With over 85% market share worldwide, millions of users belonging to various economic groups, flexible working models, and maximum security of user information, Android is by far the greatest giant among operating systems in the global picture. 

Top 5 Perks of developing native apps with Android:

Higher ROI 

Android is an open-source mobile operating system with a Software Development Kit that is easily accessible to developers. Anyone can distribute their app with only a one-time registration fee, after which any device can be leveraged to build and test the apps for phones with low investment and high engagement. 

With this kind of cost-effective development cycle, Android application development services can create engaging, interactive apps addressing huge audiences. Users benefit from the features, and the enterprise gains a high return on investment(HOI).

Versatility And Scalability

Android apps are compatible with most smart devices and technology, providing versatile features and scalable developments at low costs.

  • Android apps and programs now can easily be integrated into the entire ‘ecosystem’ — phones, tablets, Android TVs, wearable devices like smartwatches, etc. as well as major technologies like AR, VR, and loT which enables developers to create dynamic apps with quicker, more interactive, multiple functions available at installation, needing less frequent updates.
  • This also helps in greater higher penetration among various economic groups using different kinds of devices, facilitating communication, collaboration, and overall economic development.


Android apps will go the extra mile to prevent malware and viruses from locating the data structures and sensitive information on users’ devices. No reliance on third-party systems, official APIs examined across various versions, and automated systems that send notifications to users with every update ensure maximum security.

Easy Promotions

Android apps go through a rapid development cycle of only a few hours with easy feature integration and quick modifications done as and when needed, making deployment and promotion faster. 

The global prevalence of the OS accelerates the process as Android has a huge market with users from different economic groups and commercial sectors. Hire app developers to make the best use of this OS. 


Android apps are also customizable according to the needs of the user. They can be easily integrated into the multimedia tools and data-management functions of enterprises with the help of an Android mobile app development agency. 

Custom ROMs can be installed into devices to customize them according to business needs. The performance and appearance of apps can be changed too, according to the purpose of the users. 

Summing Up

With the increased dependence on the economy as well as entertainment upon technology, well-integrated, organized applications are in high demand among users. 

Android with its robust OS, interactive, easily accessible interface and dynamic, user-friendly features have the potential to create suitable apps that will help greatly in the technological trade globally. 

NFC, mobile payments, HD displays — Android had produced many technological milestones. Developers will indeed benefit if they choose Android for their next innovation in native technology. More than that, businesses too can tap this wonderful OS by contacting an Android application development service. If you want us to recommend a name, Zazz is here. We’re a team of 275 + developers, we’ve released over 750 mobile apps in the market.