Benefits of Renting a Corporate Apartment with Furnishings During Travel

The corporate apartment leasing industry is fast growing. You can devote all of your attention to the task at hand from the first day to the last day. This is because you won’t have to worry about moving in or out.

Corporate apartments are apartment dwellings that include all necessary furnishings to ensure a comfortable living environment. However, not all “fully furnished” apartments imply the same things. “Fully furnished” can be relative. It is always important to ask any provider what they mean when they say furnished. 

Making the best cooperative apartment rental decision requires taking a number of factors into account. This includes:

  • How long do you intend to stay in a specific location
  • Your budget
  • The distance between where the apartment is and your place of operations (office, supermarkets, etc)

There are two ways you may get corporate rental apartments anywhere;

  • Personal Scouting. This can be considered an outdated way of getting an apartment. It involves you moving across several neighborhoods looking for a vacant furnished apartment yourself. This can be very tasking and tiring. 
  • Corporate Housing Companies. This current method of obtaining an apartment has gained widespread acceptance. This is due to the fact that the traditional method was labor and task-intensive. Apartment agencies, also known as corporate housing companies, have access to a lot of furnished apartments across their cities. 

Getting your desired well-furnished apartment has never been simpler than it is today. Thanks to the internet! For instance, if you need an apartment in Chicago, you can search online for “furnished apartments Chicago” and find a wide range of options.

Benefits of Renting a Corporate Apartment with Furnishings 


There are a lot of benefits that come with renting a furnished apartment. Out of the numerous benefits, here are some benefits of renting a corporate apartment with furnishings;

  1. Traveling is Easier with Furnished Apartments

It is no easy task to move furniture. Moving your belongings from one location to another is tiresome. Worst still, it is a difficult and impractical solution if you frequently travel for work or other reasons. 

However, with corporate rental apartments with furnishings, traveling becomes easier. You do not have to worry about packing your furniture while traveling. Additionally, it keeps your possessions safer because frequent moves often result in lost or damaged property.

Fortunately, you don’t have to scout all by yourself. There are several corporate housing companies in both small cities and busy cities like New York City. 

Housing companies situated in NYC will know the best corporate apartments in NYC for you. These companies are renowned for providing apartments where, when, and on the terms that suit you. Making the right serviced apartment decision for your rental needs can greatly affect your business travel experience. 

  1. Customer Service

Another benefit of renting a corporate apartment is the customer service. The company manages both maintenance and any leasing challenges during your corporate housing stay. If problems arise, you can be rest assured that the corporate housing company will handle it. They’ll make your stay comfortable and of high quality. 

  1. More Favourable Lease Terms

Traditional apartments require you to sign a 12-month or longer lease. Breaking that lease can be a costly hassle. Month-to-month or short-term renters are not preferred by landlords. So they discourage those applicants by charging a premium that is unattractive to those seeking convenience. 

However, the demographic that travels frequently is more specifically catered for by furnished apartments. Compared to unfurnished apartments, corporate rental apartments offer significant savings through the value of their offerings. Also, the issue of paying the steep premium that comes with a short lease in traditional rent is eliminated. 

  1. Bringing Pets is  Permitted

With corporate apartment, you can pick an apartment that allows pets if you are going to travel with them. You are free to put your pet when moving into a furnished residence. There would be no need to look for a pet-friendly rental or leave your dog behind if you move. This is a very advantageous benefit.

  1. Modern and Comfortable Furniture

Corporate apartments that have been furnished are more than just hotel rooms. They are actual homes with comfortable and lovely furniture, as well as convenient appliances.

In addition, you can incorporate your personal touch. You could add rugs or blankets, candles, flowers, and home accents, to your furnished corporate apartment. You can arrange your space in a way that makes you feel comfortable. 

  1. Location 

Furnished corporate apartments are situated in typical neighborhoods with parks, schools, and other community resources. This may be preferable to hotels, which are frequently located in tourist-heavy retail districts. When you take your dog for a walk, go to the gym, or dine out, you will be interacting with community members. You can make friends with people just like you would in any neighborhood. This is crucial because there are many things you can learn from individuals from various cultures. 

  1. Utilities are Provided

When renting an unfurnished apartment, you must set up all utilities and cable in your name. Then you’ll have to deactivate them when you leave. On the other hand, furnished corporate apartments include electricity and internet.

  1. Move-in Ready

The packing and moving process is the most unpleasant aspect of relocating to a new location. You must either attempt to disassemble your large furnishings and pack your belongings yourself or find and vet a moving company. 

You will have to unpack again once you arrive at your new home. It’s a significant burden and one that may be avoidable if you’re only planning to stay in your current residence for a few months.

Furnished corporate housing includes all furnishings and is move-in ready. That means you only need to bring your clothes and personal items and you’ll have everything you need for a comfortable stay. You have a fully equipped kitchen, bed linens, towels, and much more.

 If you’re only looking for a temporary residence, you won’t have to repack everything once you’ve moved out. All you need is to simply drop off your keys.


Renting a corporate apartment with furnishing is ideal for travelers. If you have a short business trip and don’t want to spend on furniture, renting a corporate apartment is a valid choice. It saves you the stress, cost, and risk of moving your belongings.