Best Way to Convert OLM to PST File

The Outlook has been designed so that it is able to run successfully with ease on Windows and Mac platforms. For Windows Outlook the main primary file is PST. However, In Mac Outlook the principal document is OLM. This blog will focus on the transfer of files from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook.

The primary difference between them is the versions of Windows Outlook 2010 use MAPI for communication to Exchange Server. While in Mac Outlook 2011 use Exchange Web Services to communicate to Exchange Server. Both platforms have a lot in common. In this case, is the question of why users are seeking to Convert OLM to PST file. The answer to this in the following section.

Let’s talk about the possible scenarios where you’ll need the convert OLM to PST.

The causes of OLM to PST Conversion

There are a variety of reasons for users conversion from OLM to PST. A few of them are as follows:

  1. I believe that due to the immense popularity of Windows Outlook the people are ready to change their Mac OS. It’s because of its sophisticated features and easy user interface. However, both platforms each has its own file system , so the data must move across OLM into PST.
  2. Another scenario that could be possible be based on the temporary need. If you get emails from Mac Outlook, your current operating system includes Windows Outlook. Therefore, you are not able to view this mail within PST format. In this scenario, it is necessary to convert the email that is was sent in OLM format to PST format for efficient OLM to PST conversion.

In these scenarios it is necessary to adhere to a specific method for achieving a successful migration. Also, take an overview of the tips to make the conversion process successful.

Simple Methods to OLM to PST Conversion

Below are some easy methods for converting OLM to PST file manually. This entire procedure is split into four distinct steps. Each procedure sequentially, as described in the section below.

A. Generate an IMAP Email Account

  • Log into your Gmail account or other email account. After that, open your Settings option.
  • Under Settings, select forwarding as well as the POP/IMAP option.
  • In the section Status select the option Enable IMAP instead of disabling IMAP. Select the save Changes button.

B. Configure Mac Outlook Using IMAP Account

  • Start Outlook on Mac. Mac Outlook application.
  • Go to the Tools menu, and then click on the Accounts tab.
  • Under Accounts, select the the option for E-mail Account.
  • You must now fill in the details such as E-mail Address and Password.
  • Create an IMAP serverand select SSL connection and an SMTP serverand 465as port number. Then Click on the”Add Accounts” button.

C. Transfer Mac Outlook Emails to IMAP Account

  • Then, first open Mac Outlook.
  • Click at the item in your mailbox you want to convert for the conversion and select Moving > Copy and Save to Folder.
  • Enter the IMAP account’s name, then click Copy.
  • Then, you must change your IMAP account’s settings by clicking the button to send or receive. Once you have done that, all your OLM emails are now available in IMAP account. IMAP account.

D. Setup Windows Outlook using the same IMAP Account

  • Click on Control Paneland under Mail, choose Accounts for Email. Accounts Click on New.
  • Select the option to manually configure server settings, then click the next.
  • Choose your POP/IMAP settingsthen click the next.
  • Enter the IMAP details as well as Incoming and Outgoing server information. Click on Other Settings.
  • Click on to open the Advancedtab and then enter your number 993 as theport number on the IMAP serverand choose an SSLconnection.
  • The port number is 465 for the server SMTPand select SSLconnection then click “OK”.
  • Then click Next. Next, click on the Finish button.

Professional Tool to Convert OLM to PST File

If the method above does not work for successful migration, the alternative option is Regain OLM to PST converter. The process for this tool is much simpler than the manual method. The tool comes with a variety of options that I will mention in the following section.

  1. It also allows for the migration of emails along with other mailbox items such as calendars journals, contacts, task , etc.
  2. It is able to support damaged OLM files during the process of migration.
  3. You can choose for saving OLM files in PST, EML, MSG and MBOX formats.


I believe this blog can help those who want to convert OLM to PST with the help of this DIY approach. Both methods are explained here , and you can pick one of them. If you have any issues using a manual method, you could opt for this automatic OLM to PST Conversion tool which is recommended by this article.